Cappla Introduces the Most Stylish and Easiest to Use Wallet There Is

August 27 19:03 2021
Cappla is changing the wallet game with an innovative, sleek, and compact design.

The humble wallet is an essential part of people’s daily life. People who are out working or strolling in the park cannot simply leave home without it. It is, after all, where they keep their money, ATM and credit cards, IDs, and more.

The problem is that wallets can get incredibly bulky. A thick wallet tucked inside a person’s back pocket can make sitting very uncomfortable. Plus, the bulk can also make it easy for a wallet to fall out, eventually leading it to get lost or stolen. On top of all these, a thick, bulging wallet ruins a person’s whole look.

Many brands have tried to redesign the wallet to make it less bulky and easier to use and give it a sleeker, minimalist design.

While some brands had some success in designing sleek, modern-looking wallets, some of these new wallets are overly designed and lack the sleek, modern style that people look for. Some of them are overly intricate, making them difficult to use.

Here is where the Cappla wallet comes in. Cappla has designed the simplest, most minimalist wallet there is.

Made with premium aerospace aluminum and ultra-strong elastic, Cappla wallets are very durable. At just 3.4 inches high, 2.2 inches wide, and 0.3 inches thick, these wallets are ultra-compact, but they can stretch to hold up to 15 cards and several folded bills. A little finger slot at the bottom of the case makes it super easy to use. Just push, pull, and pay. Clients appear to have found the sleek, easy-to-use wallet they have been looking for in Cappla. “Too many so-called ‘minimalist’ wallets have screws or levers, and they fall apart – the Cappla Wallet will last a lifetime and is so easy to use,” one satisfied customer said.

Another useful thing about the Cappla wallet is its RFID blocking feature. Tags can be easily read even from several feet away, making it fairly easy for criminals to steal information stored in them using RFID skimmers. Thanks to its aviation-grade aluminum, information stored on physical tags such as chips on credit cards or ATMs cannot be captured.

Cappla wallets come in a wide variety of colors to match their customers’ style, including Midnight Black, Bubblegum Pink, Gunmetal Gray, and Frosted Silver. Cappla also allows for their wallets to be custom engraved with a customer’s logo or design.

Despite all these super cool features, Cappla wallets remain one of the more affordable wallets around. Cappla wallets are all machined and hand-stitched in Utah, USA. To browse, shop, and to know more about Cappla, visit

About the Cappla’s goal:

The market is filled with so-called minimalist wallets, but Cappla found that some are not minimalist enough, while others are too complicated. They decided to take what they have learned and design a truly minimalist wallet. The result is the most simple, affordable, and best-looking minimalist wallet available.

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