Sajid Lhessani and Trading707 agreed with Cryptohopper for developing trading robots.

August 27 18:42 2021
How a young entrepreneur is disrupting the world of trading and artificial intelligence.

August 27, 2021 – In the era of science and technology, using algorithmic trading is becoming a must to fight on Wall Street. Through this agreement, a major player in the cryptocurrencies market and decentralised finance agrees with Trading707 for building trading robots.

The bots developed will be created under the name: Cryptop. Cryptop’s performances can already be followed live on Telegram:

Through his own combination of robots, Lhessani is going to make a significant impact in this industry. The first robots will be released by the last quarter. This partnership already started skyrocketing through social blogs such as Reddit and private Telegram groups sharing the signals instantly.

Lhessani consolidated his reputation thanks to his participation with major financial quantitative research institutions such as Milton Financial Market Research. Furthermore, the number of his e-students is steadily growing. His online courses are followed by more than 2,400 students across 93 countries. More information can be found at

On the other side, Cryptohopper is founded in 2017 by two Dutch Brothers Ruud and Pim Feltkamp as an easy way to trade Crypto 24/7. Today, Cryptohopper is leading the industry of automated trading bots.

We are waiting with eagerness for the future of this combination. Let’s see how Cryptop will perform in the next months.

About Sajid Lhessani:

Sajid Lhessani, after a Bachelor and Master Degree in Mathematics and Engineering, completed his background here in the US with a master degree in Business Analytics and Finance through Hult Intl Business and Harvard Business School.

Following these experiences, he worked for various institutions across Europe and the UK, from the European Central Bank to a large scale of financial institutions in the UK.

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