Best selling author and founder of Becoming the Big Me, Djemilah Birnie launches new blog to support entrepreneurs and executives

August 26 20:20 2021
Djemilah Birnie is a business owner and consultant who wants to help people overcome these turbulent times in the present pandemic era by providing free resources through her new blog.

August 26, 2021 – Djemilah Birnie, the founder of Becoming the Big Me launched a new blog. The blog dives into all things mind, body, and business. It is complementary to her podcast, The Becoming the Big Me Podcast. In the Becoming the Big Me blog Djemilah offers educational pieces on subjects such as leadership skills or how to take care of yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed by work to features such as success stories from women making waves in their industry.


 (pictured: Djemilah Birnie and assets from Becoming the Big Me)

Djemilah is excited to continue providing resources for individuals on their growth journeys through this new medium.

“I love watching small business owners succeed. As someone who built from essentially nothing I know what it is like to feel alone in the business world and like I didn’t have the funds to purchase the information I needed to get ahead. After bootstrapping myself I understand the need for quality information and support for business owners. That is what I aim to provide through the Becoming the Big Me blog,” said Djemilah in an Interview.

Djemilah Birnie is a best selling author, speaker, marketer, and business owner who wants to see others be successful in their lives. She has an extensive background in leadership development gained from her corporate position as one of the youngest managers of a large wireless retail location to her experience building her own companies.

After launching her podcast, The Becoming the Big Me Podcast in March of 2021, Djemilah realised that people needed this information. After an interview with Sharon Lechter on her podcast Sharon said something that stuck with Djemilah. You have to provide the information to people in different formats because people learn differently. Djemilah is excited to be able to help people even more by providing her content via the Becoming the Big Me blog.


(pictured: reviews for the Becoming the Big Me Podcast)

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Founded by Djemilah Birnie with a mission to inspire, uplift, and provide the tools to others to step into their full potential. Through the Becoming the Big Me Universe you will be diving into all things mind, body, and business. Becoming the Big Me is founded on the thought that we are all on a journey. There is never a point in which you have “Made It”. Becoming the Big Me is about choosing to step into your greater potential each and every day. It is about learning and sometimes messing up but always getting back up.

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