We the aether quickly becoming the best Instagram spirituality page for self growth.

August 26 22:42 2021
We the aether is widely regarded as one of the best spiritual Instagram pages in terms of providing diversity of content centered on personal growth, philosophy, esoterism and spirituality.

We often forget to pause and look at ourselves, and contemplate our connection with nature, the cosmos, and our fellow human beings. Many are distracted with technology and devices, or fear and separatism. As Eric Hoffer puts it “When you automate an industry you modernize it; when you automate a life you primitivism it.” The modern man has become distanced from himself; however, all is not lost. Some individuals share their spiritual journey online in a positive way using technology for their betterment, and helping others find themselves through spiritual communities. One of the most famous spiritual social media accounts; We the aether, shares this ideology and helps others through the content shared. The spiritual community has proven to be quite supportive of its audience over the years by answering questions, holding Instagram Live Q&A’s with authors, influencers, and philosophers, and of course running a spirituality and philosophy podcast on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and more.

We the aether is one of the best spiritual Instagram pages in terms of providing diversity in content and supporting the spiritual community. We the aether creates content on Instagram around personal growth, philosophy, nature, esoterism, and spirituality. Their recent Instagram Reels series for Unblocking Chakras has surpassed 30 million views and continue to climb! The content they post on Instagram revolves around the theme of spirituality without focusing on a single meaning or perspective of being spiritual, but rather examining a multitude of theologies and philosophies.

For most of us, spirituality is a large concept with multiple facets. The general understanding is that it includes our connection to something bigger than ourselves in terms of our ego identity. This leads many on the quest to find answers about themselves and their purpose. Some people may find that their spiritual life is intermingled with their association to religion, the church, mosque, temple etc. others might find purpose through a more personal connection with nature, sacred geometry, or God. We the aether are cognizant of these multiple facets of spirituality, and they communicate to their followers through many approaches in sharing the message of one’s personal spiritual journey.

Other than Instagram posts, videos, and reels that motivate you to be the best version of yourself, We the aether hosts a podcast on multiple social media platforms and invites qualified guests that are experts in their respective fields discuss various topics. For example, to start a discourse about addiction recovery and codependency they invited Nikki Myers, a qualified Yoga Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and Certified Addictions Recovery Specialist. To talk about how music can be a healing aid for many and leads many to a spiritual journey, they invited the famous Indie band East Forest. To discuss Ancient Egypt, Sacred Geometry and Mathemetics, they invited philosopher and entrepreneur Robert Edward Grant. These podcast vlogs are also uploaded to Instagram in the form of IGTV clips.

We the aether on Instagram provides much-needed guidance to the modern individual in the journey towards realizing the true self. From motivational stories to book recommendations, to diet changes and meditation techniques this page caters to a variety of interests and needs of any individual seeking to better understand themselves and their connection to others in the world, and universe at large.

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