With Beauon’s New Products Are Released, the Transparent Colored Contact lenses Market is Adding New Members

August 26 18:18 2021

“It’s not convenient to wear frame glasses when people are exercising, this Colored Contact lenses has just come on the market, and it was comfortable and the price was real.”

This is one of the comments from a famous Colored Contact lenses brand called Beauon Blue Contacts and it is the user’s fresh feeling. Some users commented that “this Colored Contact lenses is convenient and comfortable to wear and intend to buy his family a few boxes of beauty feeling”. There are similar ideas of users are not in the minority, they have a good shopping experience, they want to have more taste of new experience and show plenty of curiosity and anticipation to change.


Beauon Purple Contacts made a debut with beauty, introducing the concept of “gloss” in beauty makeup into the beauty design, and also achieved a high-profile opening during the shopping carnival on June 18 this year. It is a significant increase over last year and the result is quite bright.

Not only this brand, in the past two years, colored contacts industry is increasingly lively. At the end of last year, some of them had completed the PreA and A rounds of financing in succession; From February to March this year, Moody completed round B, B-plus financing, as well as strategic investments by Tencent and Xiaohongshu. And almost the same period, 4iNLOOK also announced the completion of the B-round financing. In the highly competitive Colored Contact lenses track, Beauon’s status as a unicorn has become a top priority for brand marketing.


At present, the increasingly hot Colored Contact lenses market with double-digit annual growth, mainly depends on China’s up to 600 million people with short-sightedness. Moreover, the problem of young people’s high myopia rate and the poor vision have not been solved, and the data is constantly climbing. According to the related data, China’s eyewear market in 2019 retail sales exceeded 88.4 billion Ruan, rising 6.1% year-on-year. The Colored Contact lenses market has grown from billions five years ago to nearly $20 billion, with 1.8 billion tablets consumed annually, and online channels are growing faster. China’s huge short-sighted population, Colored Contact lenses wear penetration rate is still relatively low. In the face of the huge potential of the market, many brands are facing with the problem of tapping user demand and broadening the category of new customers. Beauon grabs this market opportunity by launching a number of Colored Contact lenses that rapidly expand the transparent Colored Contact lenses market through category expansion. Beauon hopes to try to buy more beautiful products by developing sticky new users with a sense of identity with the brand, supported by strong users demand data and product development capabilities. But what’s so extraordinary about Beauon in the face of strong traditional Colored Contact lenses brands represented by Johnson and Bausch+Lomb?


It is understood that users in the Colored Contact lenses purchase requirements, safety, comfort, convenience and other characteristics are particularly prominent. But lens thickness, water content and suitable base arc and other factors greatly affect the comfort of Colored Contact lenses wearing, especially for the first-time wearers and sensitive users of the eye. Lenses thin, moderate water-containing lenses are more convenient to wear. Beauon’s new Colored Contact lenses’ center thickness are only about 0.08mm, after entering the eye, they can be perfectly fitted to the eyeball. 55% water content can also keep the eyes hydrated and users can no longer troubled by red blood wire.


Beauon uses of all-robot arm automation assembly line production. Adhering to the unique “one-size-one-piece” production process is also Beauon’s strict requirements for product production. A mold only produces one contact lens, throwing it after using and refuse to use the secondary. It has solved many problems caused by the repeated use of mold in order to achieve higher than the industry level of high-quality control.


At the same time, Beauon also attaches great importance to the comfort and safety of Colored Contact lenses products. They explain to consumers of popular Colored Contact lenses scientific shopping, proper wearing methods and daily eye care knowledge in many ways, advocating for scientific strength for comfort. As a Colored Contact lenses brand of new Chinese goods, Beauon has also made great efforts in the design creativity of “aesthetic power”. In the new style, there are lots of Cosplay and Halloween-themed Colored Contact lenses, they are popular with young users.


In today’s hot consumer field, more and more products with the value of the user’s eyeball. However, in the long run, brands need to pay more attention to user segmentation needs and solid product quality. As Beauon has always expressed the “scientifically derived aesthetic design based on the needs of users” brand philosophy. Beauon is not only in the interpretation of the beauty business to shape the brand “aesthetic power”, but also to comfort and safety of the “scientific force” as the cornerstone of progress. However, after the transparent Colored Contact lenses marketing in this field, it remains to be seen whether Beauon will continue to drive high growth to become the number one category. 

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