Business Mentor Trishonna Helm has her 7-Figure Blueprint Mastermind in Miami from September 3rd to 5th, 2021.

August 26 20:54 2021

The mastermind host, Trishonna Helm, is a serial entrepreneur based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

She runs Mixins, her chain of ice cream shops in Omaha, Nebraska. She is also a business mentor who takes pride in coaching over 24,000+ students to launch their business ideas and scale their existing brick and mortar stores.

Indeed, the pandemic has changed what it means to do business, with millions of people locked down in their homes. But it has created many new opportunities to reach customers and make a lot of money solving their problems with the right products and services.

To not only survive but thrive in this new business climate requires a relearning of now-shifting customer demands, societal changes, and harnessing the opportunities provided by the new socio-economic structure.

This is where the 7 Figure Blueprint Mastermind event by Trishonna Helm comes to play. Showing attendees exactly, step-by-step, how to transform their business to be profitable in this new normal alongside her special guest speakers.

The 7-Figure Blueprint Mastermind is a 3-day event for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs looking to transform their business or start-up and start making profits and for entrepreneurs who want to start with the best information available on building a business in the new normal.

She can be found on social media here, providing business gems for her growing audience.

During the 7-Figure Blueprint Mastermind event, Trishonna will walk attendees through a step-by-step process that they can follow and implement in their business that will see them moving the needle in as little as 28 days.

The 7-Figure Blueprint Mastermind event will focus on key areas in business that one must optimize to start turning profits:

  • Business Infrastructure models

  • Systems

  • Money Management

  • Tax saving strategies

  • Hiring and Delegating

  • Branding

  • Accounting

As an entrepreneur or start-up owner, making $1,000,000 in profit might not be as impossible as one thinks with the right mindset, mentors, and tools on their side.

Learn how to turn any business business into a turnkey business that functions like a machine that runs efficiently even while one sleeps.

To be part of this life-changing mastermind event, click the link here to get started!

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