Long Live the summer… Modern and Stylish Interior Water Wall At Midwest Tropical

August 26 16:02 2021

People are already feeling summer? Today, at Midwest Tropical we dedicate a post to modern Water Wall Interior as a chic element for decoration. A famous saying states: there is no garden without flowers. Likewise, in these summer months where the sun beats down and the cicadas, there is nothing better than the sight and sound of the water to give us a shot of freshness and relaxation.

Whether people have a small Japanese garden or several hectares with flowerbeds and gazebo included, people can always find a more or less large hole to place a Water Wall fountain with or without a pond that will dress and enhance the landscaping.

Within the world of Interior Water Wall, there is a wide range of types, materials, and designs. Individuals will break down the most common ones here so people can choose theirs and serve as inspiration.

Traditional sources

They are not particularly modern, obviously, but they always work well for specific styles, such as colonial, renovated classic, or rustic. The Water Wall is usually placed with several floors in decline (crowned or not by some figure or statue), in which the waterfalls and overflows from one floor to another.

Cascading Water Wall

More or less original, they all have one point in common: they have several consecutive elements through which the water passes from one to another until the final receiver.

Curtain Water Wall

This Water Wall interior is among the most contemporary: The water emanates from a wall or a glass cloth and bathes them completely.

Fonts separating spaces

These Water Walls are similar to those with a curtain, only that the water does not emanate from a wall but the vertical plane, revealing the free space on both sides. They are usually large fountains, built in the middle of an area to separate rooms, supported or not by other reinforcing materials, such as bamboo reeds.

Central spout Water Wall Interior

It is in which the water emanates from a jet placed in its central area. They take many different forms and often decorate garden centers.

Side tap Water Wall Interior

It has lateral taps installed on walls that emanate water in the form of a jet. Those with a single tap are usually smaller and simpler than those with multiple spouts, in which several spouts or taps all expel water at the same time. In multiple spout water features, the taps are usually placed in line and at the same height, although some play with different levels.

Cascading tap Water Wall Interior

They are similar to the previous ones, with the difference that the water does not emanate in the form of a punctual jet but the form of a waterfall. The taps in these fountains have a horizontal and elongated mouth that allows this effect to be achieved. We can also find them with single or multiple taps.

Overflowing Water Wall

The water, in this case, does not come out as a jet but in a more subtle way that bathes the entire Water Wall until it overflows its container on all sides and falls downward.

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