Discusses How San Diego Solar Panels Benefit Area Homeowners

August 26 06:42 2021 Discusses How San Diego Solar Panels Benefit Area Homeowners

U.S. residents in every state are installing solar panels on their homes for various reasons. The panels absorb energy from sunlight and convert it into usable electrical power. While many areas are well-suited for solar energy, San Diego is one of the best. The region enjoys 263 days of sunshine annually, making it an ideal location to harness the sun’s renewable, clean energy. 

Installing solar panels allows homeowners to save money, create a revenue stream, and help the environment. The systems can act as backup power sources and increase property values. 

Homeowners Reduce Energy Costs

While San Diego has some of the country’s best weather, electricity in the area can be costly. As a result, residents look for extra resources to help reduce their utility bills. Many homeowners install solar panels because there is a limit to how much other cost-cutting measures can save. 

Solar panels can pay for themselves within a few years since homeowners often reduce electric bills by as much as 50%, or even more. While San Diego summer weather is ideal for solar energy, several factors determine each homeowner’s benefit. According to, the precise amount each customer saves depends on factors like their electric consumption, the hours of sunshine they get, the size of their solar energy system, and whether they buy or lease a system.  

Solar Energy Is Eco-Friendly 

Solar energy is good for the planet. Per environmental site, going solar provides environmental benefits that include: 

  • Saving water needed for animal and plant life 

  • Helping slow climate change 

  • Reducing dependence on fossil fuels 

  • Not polluting the air while producing energy

  • Reducing users’ carbon footprints

  • Little or no energy loss during transportation

Professionals such as those at Rooftop Solar can install systems that do not need outside support or supply to work. That means maintenance and energy production costs are zero.

Property Values Increase 

House hunters are generally willing to pay more for homes with solar panels installed. The upfront costs of switching to solar are well worth it, according to, since solar panels are considered an upgrade, much like a finished basement or renovation.  

A study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory showed that the average property value increased $15,000 when solar panels were installed. Although local market values impact the premium, it is common for solar homes to sell at higher prices.

Homeowners May Be Able to Create Revenue

In addition to lowering energy costs by installing solar panels, many California residents actually make money from their systems. Those who plan carefully, choose the right size system, and take full advantage of all incentives can generate revenue. 

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) allow residents to earn money from their solar panels. If systems are large enough, homeowners can sell excess solar energy to area utility companies.  

Thousands of San Diego residents have installed solar panels on their homes to lower energy costs and even earn money via solar credits. Switching to solar energy also helps the environment and is an investment that pays for itself through savings and increased property values.  

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