Blockchain-based E-commerce platform Swipe heralds new era in commerce scene with cryptocurrency payments

August 26 02:39 2021
Swipe is a breakthrough semi-decentralized blockchain-based online marketplace that accepts cryptocurrency payments to ensure an unbiased marketplace and most affordable online shopping.

Copenhagen, Denmark – August 25, 2021 – A new advanced blockchain-based E-commerce company is all set to redefine the contemporary E-commerce world with the power of crypto. Swipe, as the platform is called, is a rising online retail store that enables people to purchase millions of items online via cryptocurrencies which eventually helps to make online shopping more affordable than ever. Swipe’s focus on the cutting-edge cryptocurrency-based payment module eliminates transaction fees and removes all biases that traditional credit card companies and banks would have and that invariably helps to keep the prices low.  

Swipe accepts all major cryptocurrencies for payment. The platform caters to online shoppers located all across the world. 

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Swipe is a state-of-the-art semi-decentralized blockchain-based online marketplace with cryptocurrency as the main form of payment. The platform is strategically engineered with blockchain technology to introduce an unbiased marketplace in the E-commerce world that can assure minimal fees and compensation and keep the prices low. Designed for both shoppers and sellers, Swipe is driven by the mission to connect both the parties on an even playing field. 

“Think of us as a new avatar of Amazon but just better”, stated the key spokesperson from Swipe. 

“Like the iconic retail giant, we offer you access to hundreds and thousands of products sold by  vendors from all over the world and we function nearly the same way as Amazon. But, what keeps us ahead of the curve is that our prices are way lower compared to any major online retail store given our prime focus on cryptocurrency payments. Put simply, unlike other E-commerce platforms, we do not involve middlemen (banks, credit card processors) who jack up the prices and take a hefty cut of all commissions. Rather by utilizing cryptocurrency as our main mode of payment, we have been able to eliminate the unwanted transaction fees that come from banks and credit card companies- and that helps us to make online shopping more affordable than ever.”

Per the statements of the spokesperson, anyone can transact on Swipe without any bias or censorship.

While asked about the inspiration behind Swipe, the spokesperson mentioned the high potential of cryptocurrencies and the projected rocket growth of the E-commerce world. 

“There are around 300 million+ cryptocurrency users worldwide today. More and more people are getting access to crypto every single day, and we believe that certainly is the future. If we go by the latest market reports, the crypto scene is demonstrating a steady upward graph  with a promising market cap of $2.15T just today. On the other hand, the E-commerce market too is set for projected growth to a whopping $5.4 trillion by 2022. With both the markets projecting a proliferating future, there could not be a better time to launch a platform that would have the best of both the worlds. It’s such an ethos that led us to launch Swipe.” 

Swipe is bustling with a wide range of products for the online shoppers. From tech to health to beauty to home care to kitchenware- the new blockchain-based E-commerce platform covers all these categories. Swipe also stocks a wide range of pet supplies. All the products are backed by the guarantee of easy return.  

“Count on us as your one-stop online marketplace for almost everything. Whether you are planning to buy a new knife set or you need to get a new batch of fancy cushions or you are  looking for that latest moisturizer or you want to have a new laptop- we have got all categories covered for you. We also have sections for books and we make sure to upgrade it with the latest collections and editions at timely intervals. Furthermore, we have got a specific category dedicated to pet supplies”, explained the spokesperson.

“We are extremely particular about the quality of our offering and we assure the  most top-notch products only. We have partnered with some of the most trusted vendors in the world who guarantee complete adherence to highest quality standards.” 

Added to featuring products sold by third-party sellers, Swipe also features its own signature products, ranging from military tactical backpacks to essential oils to bowls to tech accessories, and more. 

The breakthrough E-commerce platform is also driven by the ethos of protection of the environment. Swipe follows an eco-friendly Carbon-neutral module and is committed to making environmentally-conscious decisions.  

“We are a dedicated Carbon-neutral platform and we make compensation for CO2 emissions which generate from all our transported orders. Whether the order is sold by a third-party seller or by us, every single order placed at our platform is CO2 compensated by us and that too free of charge.” 

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