DirtMatch unveils an innovative online dirt exchange service

August 26 01:27 2021
The California-based company leads the way in bringing an ingenious solution to connect those who have dirt to those who need dirt.

DirtMatch has unveiled an innovative online dirt exchange service for contractors and homeowners, offering a cost-effective solution for all dirt acquisition and disposal needs.

Ryan Crownholm, the creator of DirtMatch, said the company leads the charge in providing a simple solution to connect those who have dirt to those who need dirt. 

“DirtMatch aims to make finding and where to dump dirt both easy and affordable so that you can be more productive and profitable,” explains Ryan, long-time trucking, excavation, and dirt professional.

The service, Ryan adds, provides tremendous cost savings for companies looking to minimize trucking and dumping fees.

People only need to create a free DirtMatch post. If they have excess dirt or fill, the company will match them with other construction professionals in the area who can take their fill. 

“If you need dirt, your DirtMatch post will match with others who have dirt near you. It’s that simple,” says Ryan.

Once the DirtMatch post obtains matches, users can message other members who matched directly on DirtMatch to finalize the transaction details. They can coordinate the location, day/time, pricing, etc.

Currently, DirtMatch members are looking for over 450,000 yards of dirt and have over 350,000 yards available. 

In the last 30 days, DirtMatch has created over 2000 matches and connections.

With an innovative platform in place, Ryan says homeowners and contractors alike save thousands of dollars in disposal fees, trucking costs, and countless hours by using DirtMatch to easily move or acquire their fill material.

DirtMatch comprises a team of product and technology pros who have a passion for solving challenging problems with easy-to-use solutions that make sense.

Ryan says he was inspired to create DirtMatch while experiencing firsthand how painful it was for his businesses to move dirt affordably, whether demolition or dirt removal projects for his construction company or hauling clean fill dirt for landscaping customers.

After finding a connection, users can message their match through DirtMatch’s internal messaging system, as long as they are a member. 

If they have not yet registered as a member, they would need to join DirtMatch first.

They only need to hover to the DirtMatch home page and click the “I have dirt” or “I need dirt” button, depending on the needs. 

Ryan says while there is no limit to the amount of dirt a user can post, he cites the importance of keeping all posts up-to-date and list upcoming projects to increase chances of getting matches.

“If you have an upcoming project, for instance, you can set the date of your upcoming project so others can coordinate their project with yours,” says Ryan.

DirtMatch is for anyone. Contractors, professionals, haulers, and homeowners can post their need or want and look out for their matches.

The company also provides a blog section where members and visitors learn about the different types of dirt, how to save money on dirt disposal costs, and more helpful guides and tricks.

Those who want to learn more about DirtMatch may visit its website for more information. 

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