Building Grit: Fighting the Fires of PTSD Podcast Launch

August 26 01:20 2021

Former firefighter and first responder Nick Wingo has announced a relaunch of his podcast, Building Grit: Fighting the Fires of PTSD. The show is designed to help provide resources and stories from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) survivors.

“Firefighters are exposed to highly stressful environments, often witnessing multiple traumatic events throughout their careers. The accumulation of stress and traumas firefighters are exposed to have left many in the profession with physical and psychological injuries, and with such injuries left untreated, can lead to lifelong suffering or suicide.”

Faculty of Education, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

“Our goal with the podcast is to share stories that inspire hope while also removing stigma. Our ultimate goal is also to make PTSD a workman’s comp issue because no first responder should be paying for trauma caused by work out of pocket…” said Wingo in an interview. In addition, he hopes that listeners will find practical advice on how to fight their own fires of PTSD and come out stronger on the other side.

After facing a significant personal mental health battle, Wingo decided to share his story and amplify others’ in an effort to inspire those who are suffering. He also began seeking help for his PTSD. Now, he is on the other side and has become one of the top advocates for PTSD awareness.

The website will be updated with new content and resources regularly. All podcasts will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts, and other main podcasting platforms. Listeners can also access resources through the sites below.

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About Building Grit:

Building Grit was created by Nick Wingo to bring firefighters and first responders the resources that they need to improve their overall mental wellbeing. After being a firefighter himself and experiencing the trauma and developing PTSD he had to find the resources himself and doesn’t want anyone else to experience that.

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