Safeguarded Garena Free Fire Account Through the Best Free VPN

August 25 14:38 2021

Garena Free Fire is one of the most downloaded in-app games in Play Store and App Store. It continues to gain traction with younger audiences, ages 10 to mid 20s. This in-app game even became more famous globally due to COVID-19 pandemic. Since people are stuck indoors, gamers are suddenly inclined to Garena Free Fire.

With the in-app game’s user-friendly interface and its rationale, it is really easy to get hooked to this game. Even the newbies can quickly learn the ins and outs of Garena Free Fire. 

However, there have been claims about the in-app game’s security. A number of Garena Free Fire’s accounts (higher levels- Platinum to Grand Master), have been hacked by cyberthieves. The thieves have stolen a bunch of users’ game info, including the players’ banking and credit information.

The issue has been addressed by 111dots Studio, the in-app game’s developer. The developer had blocked thousands of fake accounts that are suspected as the cyberthieves’ accounts. Unfortunately, the accounts that were hacked cannot be retrieved anymore.

Now, some gamers are deciding to quit playing Garena Free Fire due to its security issues. But, it doesn’t have to end that way as there is a simple method that Garena Free Fire gamers have to do to ensure their cybersecurity.

Connect to a Virtual Private Network

With a VPN or Virtual Private Network, online users will have an added layer of online safety and privacy. What the VPN does is create a secure connection between the user’s device and the internet. Because of this, the user’s data will be routed through the VPN tool’s secret virtual tunnel.

As a result, users will gain total anonymity. No one on cyberspace can see and trace one’s online information and activities. So, Garena Free Fire players can still play the game without worries.

Granting that a VPN is helpful, users must be wary of what type of VPN to download and connect to, as VPNs are not created equally. Depending on the user’s lifestyle, needs, and budget, there are VPN apps for each user.

For instance, there are paid VPN apps available. These VPNs are mostly the top-rated ones. So, if one is willing to shell out some cash for a VPN, these VPN types are the safest bet.

As for the users who don’t want to spend money for a VPN technology, there are also free VPNs in virtual markets. Just a recommendation, users should research about free VPN apps first because a number of these VPNs have been flagged as ineffective and sketchy.

Fortunately, there is a trusted, reliable, and safe free VPN that also offers premium and high-quality VPN services.

Choose GoingVPN

GoingVPN is one of the best free VPN apps available today. With its tight encryption process, Garena Free Fire players will be free from cyberthieves on the web. Their accounts will have an added layer of security and there’s no way that online threats can steal or breach their accounts.

Also, this best free VPN has a built-in lightning-speed technology that is perfect for gaming. With this feature, players won’t experience any slowing down issues on their device. GoingVPN users can now say ‘goodbye’ to lags and buffers while playing Garena Free Fire.

Not to mention, GoingVPN gives out unlimited data bandwidth. This means, this best free VPN app’s data has no expiration. Users can get protected online, at any given time. A pro tip: users can leave the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ and let GoingVPN do its work.

Download GoingVPN to enjoy these VPN perks.

GoingVPN is available on Android and Apple devices.

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