Go car subscription launches in 4 major U.S. markets

August 25 18:24 2021
Get a car in minutes and save up to 25% per month.

Go, a new car subscription service, has launched operations in Philadelphia, Orlando, Miami and northern New Jersey outside of New York City.

Go is a “simpler and cheaper alternative to traditional car financing”. Customers order their car online in around 4 minutes and can save up to 25% per month. Unlike the traditional process of getting a car, there’s no down payment and everything can be handled from the comfort of home. Cars are even delivered to the customer’s home at no charge if they live within 50 miles.

Go offers a wide selection of 2021 models ranging from Nissan Sentra to BMW X5. All models come in a mid-trim level and have under 10 miles on the odometer.

“Go is revolutionizing the typically frustrating car-shopping experience. By removing the things that add cost with no value, and utilizing our proprietary system combining technology, data science and fleet management to increase efficiency and reduce cost, we save customers a significant amount of time and most importantly – money,” said Michael Beauchamp, Go’s Founder and CEO.

Customers must have a minimum credit score of 700 and a generally clean driving record. Unlike other subscriptions that have launched over the past few years, Go is not for those who want to frequently swap cars or use it for rideshare. The company says their subscription is best for those seeking 3-year use of a daily driver.

According to Go’s website, most vehicles are around 20% less than the lease or finance payment for the same vehicle. Some are over 30% less.

“Most of our customers are able to get a better car for the same monthly payment they used to make. In fact, we’re oftentimes cheaper than the monthly finance payment on a used car,” said Beauchamp. “Go has taken a process that millions of us do annually and made it cheaper and easier.”

Go is expanding to additional markets later this year.

For more information on Go, visit https://www.gosubscription.com/

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