Compare 5G Announces Launch of Website To Keep Users Updated On 5G Availability, Speed, & Locations

August 25 17:57 2021
Users can use Compare 5G to reliably stay updated on 5G speeds, locations, and more.

With 5G quickly becoming the national and global standard speed for internet and broadband via wireless devices, it is becoming increasingly important for users to be able to gauge their local 5G availability and speed based on location. With Compare 5G, users can do so quickly and efficiently through a recently launched website that makes the process simple, intuitive, and beneficial for all users.

Company spokesman Ian Shephard says, “The biggest thing with Compare 5G is that we’re making it easier for people to locate accurate and real-time data that reflects the conditions of their local 5G network. Additionally, Compare 5G is the fastest global 5G comparison website on the planet, providing users with information quickly and efficiently.

“The website itself is easy to use, and running 5G comparisons has never been faster. Once users enter the website, they’ll be able to search at the postcode, city, or county level to determine 5G availability and connectivity near them. From there, they can select multiple locations and compare speeds in mere seconds.

“Having the ability to compare speeds is something that we were adamant about when designing the website. We wanted to highlight the disparity between 5G connectivity and availability around the world to compel local officials to upgrade their networks and infrastructure to better serve today’s internet users. The world is based around the internet and mobile technology – 5G shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a necessity.” 

If you’re interested in seeing just how quickly it can be to compare 5G speeds, it’s time to visit Compare 5G and see for yourself just how beneficial the fastest and most up to date source of 5G data can be. Click the link below to get started:

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