Stover & Company Launches Own Line of Premium Baking and Confectionery Products

August 25 16:27 2021
This family-owned bakery and confectionery supplies distributor offers quality baking ingredients at an excellent value under their new brand Stover’s Sweet Shoppe.

With over seven decades of serving as a distributor of various bakery and confectionery products from trusted brands in the country, Stover & Company already knows the industry’s ins and outs. As industry leaders, they stay ahead of the trends and know by heart which products their customer base prefers and which products work best for particular recipes.

Stover & Company launches their premium baking and confectionery products available under the brand name Stover’s Sweet Shoppe. Their eCommerce shop was created to bring outstanding quality to all kitchens at an affordable price, whether commercial or a personal home kitchen.

“Stover’s Sweet Shoppe products are a combination of our passion for exceptional products and our decades of expert customer service experience,” shared a company representative. “We are beyond excited to offer commercial-grade products that are typically only available for purchase in large quantities. We want kitchens of all sizes to experience the magic of the finest quality baking and confectionery ingredients.”

Stover’s Sweet Shoppe currently offers four flavors of high-quality chocolate coating wafers —Ultra White, White, Milk & Dark. This premium brand of chocolate melts is perfect for making molded candies, cake pops, hot chocolate bombs, and so much more—dip or drizzle strawberries, cakesicles, chocolate-covered Oreos, pretzels, and pretty much anything else. Since no tempering is required, Stover’s Sweet Shoppe coating wafers are easier to work with than chocolate. They also provide a hard and glossy finish that makes homemade treats look like a professional baker made them.

Stover’s Sweet Shoppe plans to launch their sprinkle line this fall. The line will offer three shapes and over 12 highly-pigmented colors. Expect jimmies, nonpareils, and sanding sugar from the start, with unique mixes launching shortly after. It’s no surprise that these sprinkles taste delicious, but they are also crunchier than most sprinkles, creating the perfect texture when added to batter or frosting.

Feedback for Stover’s Sweet Shoppe has been highly endorsed, not only the brand but also the quality of the individual products. “I can’t say enough amazing things about these coating wafers! The consistency and taste are out of this world!” said Rachel, a Stover’s Sweet Shoppe customer.

Stover’s Sweet Shoppe products were created with their customers in mind. Stover & Company is committed to creating products that are always easy to use and deliver consistent results. They plan to continue serving and satisfying their clients with this new premium brand, Stover’s Sweet Shoppe, and the other top-of-line items available through their online shop.

About Stover’s Sweet Shoppe

Stover’s Sweet Shoppe is Stover & Company’s very own brand of premium bakery and confectionery products. They offer high-quality chocolate coating wafers and sprinkles that deliver excellent results every time.

They taste delicious and are crunchier than other sprinkles, which allows them to add texture to the batter or frosting. Stover’s Sweet Shoppe Sprinkles will also soon come in custom-blends to add more fun, color, and excitement to baked goods.

Stover’s Sweet Shoppe created its products with their customers in mind. They are always easy to use and deliver consistent results every time. Stover’s & Company plans to continue serving and satisfying its clients with its brand, Stover’s Sweet Shoppe products, as well as the other top-of-line items that are available through their online shop.

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