Discusses Why Couples Need to Consider Silicone Bands to Replace Their Conventional Wedding Rings

August 25 01:34 2021 Discusses Why Couples Need to Consider Silicone Bands to Replace Their Conventional Wedding Rings

Jimmy Fallon, the popular Tonight Show host, once mentioned he had an accident at home that almost cost him his finger. This incident involved his wedding ring, which was damaged in the incident and led to him removing the ring permanently. Fallon didn’t consider other options, but men and women today should.

The current wedding boom has many people looking at rings, and every couple should consider silicone wedding bands as an alternative to a conventional ring or as a complement to the ring they wear regularly. What are the benefits of silicone wedding bands?


Countless individuals engage in activities on the job that can lead to an accident involving their wedding ring. For example, mechanics might catch their ring on a car part and injure their hands. The same holds for construction workers. Cooks might sustain a burn as their conventional wedding ring conducts heat, and a silicone wedding ring eliminates this concern.

Silicone wedding bands resist heat and are non-conductive, making them the perfect choice for individuals with hands-on jobs. People can learn more here about who is most at risk of a finger or hand injury related to the wearing of conventional wedding rings.

The flexibility of the silicone allows the band to break when exposed to excessive pressure. This not only protects the finger but reduces the risk of degloving. According to, degloving often occurs as the result of the forceful removal of a ring from a finger.

Active Lifestyles

Men and women who are frequently on the go often complain about the weight of the ring on their fingers. Athletes typically remove their rings before engaging in their favorite physical activity. They find their conventional ring is bulky and uncomfortable in these situations. Silicone wedding bands are very light and won’t hold these men and women back from going all out with their activities.

Furthermore, people worry less about losing a silicone wedding ring when they are active. Groove Life silicone bands cost a fraction of traditional wedding rings and bands. The individual can replace the ring easily if it does become lost while they are out and about. The cost of replacing a conventional metal wedding ring exceeds the budget of many people who save up for months or years to buy their wedding rings. A silicone band typically costs less than a dinner out with one’s significant other.


Men and women find they can show their mood on any given day by changing their silicone wedding band. These bands come in a range of colors and patterns to match any mood and outfit. The rings can be worn with any outfit and never look out of place.

In addition, men and women with a metal allergy will find they can express their individuality with this type of ring while still showing they are in a serious relationship. Medical professionals often recommend this alternative for people who cannot wear gold, silver, or other metals due to an allergy.

With so many benefits associated with silicone wedding bands, expect more people to invest in these rings in the coming years. They want to show their commitment to their significant other in a safe and attractive way. The bands allow them to do so every day without fear of losing the ring or harming their bodies in the process.

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