A Lifetime is Made of a Thousand Stories: 4everstory Debuts Digital Change to Celebrate Life Stories

August 24 20:15 2021
A simple and safe digital platform to share amazing life stories to honor family, friends, and pets.

Family, friends, and even pets are people’s companions as they go through life. It would be such a shame to just put a lifetime’s worth of memories aside. When people encounter the loss of their loved ones, there is always a void that takes a while to be filled. But having their stories to keep forever can provide comfort and inspiration when times get difficult. And so, John Withers, the Australian founder of 4everstory, has announced that its secure and private web based digital story platform is now available in the US. 4everstory created a simple and safe digital platform to allow everyone to celebrate life and stories to honor those that are dear to their hearts.

Led by John Withers and Martin Christmas, 4everstory is the brainchild of their desire to give everyone the opportunity to tell people about their families and their own lifetime stories. 4everstory specializes in digital memories and stories, capturing and preserving special moments in a single and secure location to encourage the continued sharing of family stories, memories, and life experiences to strengthen family bonds and friendships.

As life becomes increasingly complex and digital, so has the interest to create unique permanent online spaces that make it easy to create tribute experiences that are rich in mixed media content and that can be collectively shared with family and friends anywhere in the world to create a wider sense of connection. There is nothing worse than an untold family story lost forever. Valuable old photographs and family movies stored away in boxes are often forgotten. Memories fade over time, and every year thousands of digital images and videos stored on smartphones are accidentally deleted or misplaced. Increasingly, family history is lost because family stories are no longer shared, and parents or grandparents are no longer here to tell their stories.

Through 4everstory, memories can be kept alive for today and future generations to appreciate and reminisce at any time. It is a special and permanent space for family and friends to visit, reflect, laugh, cry, and relive a lifetime’s worth of memories. In the hopes of honoring and cherishing the lives of those who were once a big part of this journey or still have stories to share today, 4everstory offers simple and affordable pricing on making it easier to remember a life.

4everstory creates lasting, meaningful, and dynamic digital narratives that connect lives today and tomorrow. Keep beautiful memories alive, and honor family, friends, and pets.

More information about 4everstory can be found at https://4everstory.com/.

About Life2b Pty Ltd (4everstory)

Life2B, the parent company of 4everstory, was founded in 2016 by John Withers and Martin Christmas to make life stories come alive. They are IT technologists who work to make digital experiences more personal and emotional. John and Martin passionately believe that everyone has a story to share and created this product to honor and cherish the lives of their loved ones.

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