Moving Large Objects Can Be Safe and Secure if Properly Blanket Wrapped

August 24 14:54 2021

No doubt about it, all freight that needs to be moved or stored needs the utmost care to avoid loss from damages. Large objects and delicate objects such as furniture, lighting fixtures, medical equipment, office equipment, electronics, commercial appliances, and even hardware need the most security.  The perfect blanket wrapping with quality blankets is important for both residential moving of expensive furniture and appliances and especially for large quantities of commercial goods as mentioned above.  Any damages such as staining, snagging or breakage can cost companies and individuals a significant loss of money.

OCT, Ontario Container Transport, is a major freight shipping and transport company in Woodbridge, ON, has been providing the finest in shipping and transport for years now to locations across Canada and North America.  To ensure safe handling of all transported goods, blanket wrapping is a primary focus with an attention to detail that is quite impressive. 

Correct blanket wrapping should be as secure and tightly done as possible with no gaps or loose-fitting blankets.  The quality of the blankets is also important as torn blankets do not protect from damages.  OCT ensures that each piece that is being shipped is wrapped in the best blankets available and that the blanketing is secured as perfectly as possible.  The work done by OCT is guaranteed, and the affordability for this type of blanket-wrapped transportation of goods is astounding. 

Every OCT truck is equipped with premium quality blankets upon arrival at any pickup location.  Whether the owner of the goods chooses to assist with the wrapping or not, OCT will ensure that it is done properly.  Wrapping of goods and furniture not only prevents damages but ensures that costs are kept down, as blanket wrapping is a space saver over boxes and crates.  More goods can be packed into a truck using blankets, that is a simple fact. 

As one OCT client exclaimed, “I was transporting my office equipment and furniture from Canada to the USA.  I was worried about losing half of the equipment and furniture to damages.  OCT wrapped everything so securely that everything arrived in perfect condition, and it saved me money as with blanket wrapping everything fit into one vehicle! I will use them for all further transports, and I recommend them to all my business colleagues and friends!”

Anything that is fragile or prone to breakage and staining or snagging needs blanket wrapping.  OCT, with its use of premium blankets as well as techniques that securely cover all goods, is the best bet for any company or individual that needs careful transport that is cost affordable also.  Consultations are free so before transporting any goods within Canada or between Canada and the USA, OCT should be consulted.  

Care is needed with precious cargo and OCT considers all cargo as precious as do the owners of the cargo.  As a premium freight transportation, OCT has earned the stellar reputation it enjoys.

About Ontario Container Transport (OCT)

OCT has been in business for several years delivering freight and goods across Canada and the USA.  The blanket wrapping services, using premium blankets save money and space and ensure the safe delivery of goods.  Quotes are free and there is a form, email, and phone on the website for easy contact.  Training of technicians is a priority and quality trucks of all sizes are available.  Other equipment for security such as ratchet straps and winch straps, as well as boxes are also used, and many times can be purchased also. 

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