Power Tee Becomes a Game Changer for Driving Ranges Worldwide

August 24 18:09 2021
The world’s premier automated teeing system helps golfers of all types practice and improve their game without the need to constantly bend over between swings.

Golf driving ranges need to level up their services to help golfers enhance their swing and practice comfortably. One of the most important factors to ensure a good swing is a good lie, and thus, the right tee height and best possible practice surface is still a hot topic in the golfing community. A game-changer in this regard is Power Tee—the world’s number one internationally patented automated teeing system.

Their auto tee system has been perfected over many years of engineering, dedicated to enhancing customer experience in various environments. Qualified golf driving ranges can install Power Tee with no upfront capital expenditure. Moreover, owners can expect an increase of 15-45% in their revenues. Mauricio Galante, President of Golf Center of Arlington, (a GRAA Voted Top 50 Driving Range) said, “We saw an increase in our revenue immediately. I waited too long to install Power Tee!” Most ranges like the Golf Center of Arlington implement a minor ball price increase that covers the cost involved in upgrading to provide Power Tee. Those ranges often see the higher side of revenue increase which is 25-45%.

Power Tee is definitely not only for professional golf players, but for golfers of all types. It can help improve swings, reduce handicaps, and even just let people have fun with its auto tee system. What’s more impressive is it also caters to seniors and disabled or wounded golfers. Those who cannot physically bend over can opt for Power Tee’s route of practicing independently without the need for an assistant. “Power Tee is a great addition to our facility,” Wedges and Woods Owner Nick Prokosa said. With adjustable tee heights, one can also easily practice based on their own preference. “We do a lot of handicap accessible clinics here so it’s been a huge benefit for them since the system is very inclusive,” he added.

Power Tee’s practice system is an effective golfers’ aid thanks to its proven product that gives solid experiences. It has ultimately become a big revenue generator for golf industry specifically for golf driving ranges. However, even retailers have seen the benefits of Power Tee. Customers are able to try out irons and drivers and compare brands without having to be out at the golf course with the dealer. Edwin Watts Manager Bill Sellinger from Jacksonville Beach, Florida can attest to this as they have had Power Tees in his store for almost a decade. “Power Tee really is a game-changer for us as it has exponentially increased the first-time visitor closing ratio in our store,” he said.

The installation is also not going to be a problem since it is perfectly designed for different places such as the driving range, golf club, and even homes. There are more than 6 million golf balls per day teed up with Power Tee’s award-winning golf practice aid in 18 different countries. To know more about the specifics of Power Tee and how to order, visit their website now at http://www.powertee.com/.

About Power Tee

Power Tee is the world’s premier automated teeing system and is currently installed and featured at 80% of the golf ranges in the U.K. Power Tee offices are in Jacksonville, FL, and Swindon, U.K., and Power Tee is currently automating the bays in ranges in 18 countries, teeing up more than 6 million balls each day.

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