Blue Haven Pools – Australia Reminding Sydneysiders to Secure Occupational Certificate Compliance

August 24 12:48 2021
Australia’s leading swimming pool maker advises pool owners how to ensure Occupation Certificate Compliance for their pools

Top Australian swimming pool maker Blue Haven Pools today reminds swimming pool and spa owners in Sydney to obtain an Occupation Certificate Compliance. The respected pool builder enumerated the thirteen requirements necessary to know and implement so they can ensure getting one for their pool. 

Remonda Martinez, CEO of Blue Haven Pools, also reminded that the selection of a registered certifier is the responsibility of the pool owner and the builder will not object to the owner’s selection of any particular certifier. 

“It may be easy to think that you can just have a swimming pool built into your backyard. But many homeowners who want to add a pool to their outdoor spaces don’t know they need to get an Occupation Certificate before they can build and swim in one,” explained Martinez. 

13 Things You Need to Consider When Building a Safe Swimming Pool

All properties with a swimming pool or spa being sold or leased on or after 29th April 2016 will need a valid certificate of compliance, certificate of non-compliance or a relevant occupation certificate. This official document, which was issued by the NSW Swimming Pool Register, will enable the following: 

  • A certificate of non-compliance will enable the seller to transfer the responsibility to obtain a certificate of compliance to the buyer.
  • This transfer will be realised through the attachment of a certificate of non-compliance to the contract for sale.

To get your certification, Blue Haven Pools provided this checklist:

  1. Install the necessary signage if your pool is under construction or renovation. Pool construction sites need to display a mandatory sign stating, “This swimming pool isn’t to be occupied or used” to prevent accidents. 
  2. Pier inspection from the Water Board is a must. 
  3. If your pool needs screw piles, you’ll need a certificate of adequacy   
  4. Steelwork needs to be inspected to ensure it complies with engineering regulations.
  5. Have any steel parts earthed to prevent electrocution.
  6. Enclose your filtration equipment system for final compliance.
  7. Build a pool fence.
  8. Any external areas such as decks, holding dividers, and others need council endorsement.
  9. Check if you need Basix Compliance. NSW regulations for larger pools call for specific requirements such as installing a rainwater tank and installing a tap within 10m of the pool.
  10. Ensure that everything is in order during the final inspection.   
  11. Additional requirements may be requested.
  12. Pools that have not passed muster on the first go will need to undergo reinspection.
  13. Keep your Final Occupation Certificate for future use.

It is mandatory for pool and spa owners to get an Occupation Certificate. Not only will it guarantee that your family has a splashing and safe good time, but also cements your swimming pool and spa’s legality. 

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