Leading branding growth strategist Tiana Burse shares proven insights for businesses on bouncing back post pandemic

August 24 09:38 2021
Serial entrepreneur and brand strategist Tiana Burse emphasizes on harnessing the power of online presence, social media marketing and e-commerce to pivot a failing business in post pandemic times.

Sacramento, CA – August 23, 2021 – Over 160k Businesses went out of business over the last 18 months because of the pandemic and the problem persists for several businesses even today. A major reason why several entrepreneurs are not able to get back on track is inexperience in the business world and lack of know-how on resuming things at par with changing times. But here comes some great news – in the light of such unfortunate circumstances, serial entrepreneur and brand strategist Tiana Burse has revealed the proven insights that would help businesses to bounce back post pandemic.

Tiana is a renowned branding expert, business growth strategist and highly successful serial entrepreneur. She has already been interviewed by various elite TV shows – CBS Austin, KTNV-TV, Fox 40 etc. – for her expert guidance on how failing businesses can manage to level up after the pandemic.

“We are living in an unprecedented time where Entrepreneurs & Business Owners are forced to pivot post pandemic for long term sustainability. And this ‘shift’ is only viable if a business owner keeps an open mind and stays flexible enough to adapt as per the changing times. The post-pandemic era is very different from the pre-pandemic times; entrepreneurs struggling with failing businesses since the pandemic era would have to be open about embracing the changing modes of operation to bounce back like a boss”, stated Tiana.

The leading brand growth strategist has put heavy emphasis on the urgent need to harness the power of the internet to rekindle the potential of a  business in a post pandemic era. Given the current need for social distancing, the potential customers are looking for a business that has a solid presence online. This way, they can carry the business transaction from the safety of their home only, in full compliance to social distancing norms. And that would eventually hike up the sales figures of a business, despite the pandemic woes around. Tiana has also stressed on making the most of social media to promote a business and connect with the audience. 

“It’s about time for businesses to create a powerful presence online, especially when they are looking for ways to pivot in the post pandemic era. People are more comfortable to shop and conduct other businesses online now as physical brick and mortar stores barely offer a scope for social distancing. I would also advise business owners to make the most of social media- the social networking sector commands a humongous following today and business owners can use these platforms to reach out and connect with a broad range of audience. From posting ads to promoting your offerings to connecting with customers, social media platforms extend an excellent platform for all.” 

“For retail businesses, I would suggest if you still don’t have an E-commerce store, it’s about time you build one. If you need inspiration, well, the e-commerce giant Amazon had a booming business even during the pandemic.” 

Speaking further, Tiana has advised businesses to start small and not to put too much stress on achieving big goals. 

“Don’t be afraid to re-start from scratch; create a business plan, a journey map, and don’t be hesitant to start small. Have big goals – but don’t rush, you must also understand that it’s the small successes that compound over time to create a big one.”

About Tiana Burse

An esteemed business growth strategist, consultant, branding expert, and highly successful serial entrepreneur, Tiana Burse is also the co-founder of leading creative consulting agency District Media Press. The business leader especially helps small businesses to leverage their growth through the power of social media marketing, content marketing, media and press support.

For more information, please visit www.tianaburse.com or www.districtmediapress.com  

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