Clapper Announces Partnership With 3rd Rock Media

August 24 05:06 2021
A talent agency that will exclusively work with Clapper to provide creators the opportunity to be seen, heard, and valued at a larger scale

Clapper, a fast-growing video app is excited to announce its partnership with 3rd Rock Media, a talent agency. Clapper is constantly in search of innovation while catering to the needs of content creators on the app. This is why it has decided to partner with 3rd Rock Media.

3rd Rock Media will exclusively work with Clapper to provide creators the opportunity to be seen, heard, and valued at a larger scale. Basically, the talent agency will work with existing creators on Clapper to improve the value of their content and brand, as well as incorporate new creators from other platforms to become creators on Clapper.

The Partnership

Clapper and 3rd Rock Media partnered in order to create a reciprocal relationship where both companies add value to creators who are in search of connections. This partnership is focused on what 3rd Rock and Clapper will achieve collectively. Together, they will carry out monthly reviews, weekly reports on performance and issue resolution strategies, as well as promotional programs.

“We saw a great gap, that I would call an opportunity for influencers to become better,” says Tony Yang, CEO of 3rd Rock Media. “We’ve worked with top creators and we believe we can add tremendous value, show their talent, and use our experience to guide them and help them to avoid common mistakes.”

“We are happy to work with 3rd Rock,” said Edison Chen, Clapper’s CEO. “I believe 3rd Rock can bring true value to our creators and accelerate their growth on Clapper.”

With this new partnership, 3rd Rock Media will offer three main services to Clapper influencers. The Influencer Acceleration where partners will learn how to get more traffic, grow a larger fan base and get more exposure. The Revenue booster service will help creators monetize their content, apply a target-driven concept to their live-streams and get business sponsorship. The Performance Protection will protect creators’ content and creators themselves so they do not get banned.

Selection Process

Clapper believes that everyone with talent deserves an opportunity to be part of this experience. However, creators will be selected based on their existing performance on the platform or across other platforms such as a huge followership base or considerable talent but not enough reach.

Creators selected for this program, are also expected to keep improving their content creation. “When they begin working with us there will be an evaluation within the company,” said Yang. “The team comes two or three times a month to look at their progress, rating things that they do well and that they can improve. We want to bring creators from where they are today to the next level.”

Income and monetization benefits

The Clapper and 3rd Rock Media partnership is focused on guaranteeing earnings for its creators. Hence, there are no sign-up fees or monthly charges.

“We introduced a guaranteed amount in the initial phase with Clapper because we have so much confidence in what we can do and what clapper can bring so we give new creators a base guarantee on the first month,” says Yang.

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