Auto Detailing Helps Curb the Spread of Covid

August 24 02:24 2021

People spend an astonishingamount of time in their vehicles. It’s thought that people spend roughly over 300 hours behind the wheel. While some jobs have transferred to work from home positions, hundreds of thousands of essential workers are still traveling to and from work to provide services in communities. One of the side effects of the current pandemic is bringing attention to how easily germs and viruses are transmitted, so it’s surprising to realize that the average person does not regularly clean their vehicle.

People spend around an hour a day during the workweek in vehicles; during this time, most people eat and drink. So over a year, even someone extra cautious will have left crumbs, spilled drinks, and just generally accumulated dirt inside their car. Yet most people only clean their cars out about once every year.

Many high-traffic areas are touched in a vehicle, including the steering wheel, the door handles, the window controls, mirrors, and the radio. With covid-19 varients becoming increasingly transmittable and delta surging, it’s crucial to consider areas people interact with that are at high risk for contamination.

“No one thinks much about their cars or how dirty they are until, while looking for their dropped cell phone, discover the french fry they dropped after their last fast food stop three months ago. It’s still unclear how high the risk of surface contamination and transmission is for Covid-19. As with much of the pandemic, the information is still coming in, and though they say the chances are low, it’s probably better to be safer rather than sorry.” Said a spokesperson.

Getting a vehicle professionally deep cleaned can destroy any bacteria or germs hiding in the nooks and crannies. When the pandemic first started, it was commonplace to see people wearing gloves to protect themselves at the gas pumps, but still, no one was thinking about the cars they use every day.

“People are picking up all sorts of side hustles using their vehicles as jobs have been reduced due to covid and then it becomes even more critical that they prevent the spread of germs. From having a clean environment to deliver food from or picking up a passenger, client safety is serious.” The spokesperson added.

It’s also not quite like cleaning the inside of a home. Everyone knows bleach will kill germs, but it can also do a ton of damage to the surfaces inside a car. Just spraying disinfectant isn’t enough. The surfaces have to be clean for the disinfectant to work correctly.

With significantly limited time these days, more people opt to have their vehicles deep cleaned first with a professional service and then keep up with the simple day-to-day cleaning to ensure surfaces remain sanitized.

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