Doula Services Tightly Tied to Mental Health in Pregnancy and After

August 24 01:36 2021

Soon-to-be mothers are faced with more challenges right now than perhaps any other time in recent history. Covid-19 has added an extensive list of things for new to-be parents to consider in their birthing plans. Of course, one of the major concerns on everyone’s mind is the mother’s mental health. All these extra stress factors need to be taken into consideration.

Pregnancy can be scary at the best of times; even with the support of family and friends, it can be an intimidating time in a woman’s life. A pandemic certainly does not make it easier for soon-to-be mothers. There are a thousand things to consider, from the birthing process itself – go natural or medicated to what to bring to the hospital.

Now new mothers have to consider so many more things like vaccination status, safety protocols, and the current regulations where they live. It can be extremely overwhelming. During these difficult times, new mothers may not have the usual support system at the hospital with them, leading to depression or a higher likelihood of postpartum depression. Doulas are often exempt from the visiting restrictions at medical facilities, and though they cannot replace a family member can be the extra support necessary.

Doulas are professionals with training in how to support expecting parents emotionally, physically, and through education. In addition, a doula can help navigate the often confusing and complicated medical system to ensure that during their labor and delivery, any special needs are met.

Doulas train to understand all sorts of different pain-relieving techniques. They can help teach things likepositions for labor, massage areas that will help relax and relieve pain and support the parents through the emotional stress of birth.  Doulas encourage the partner to participate in the process, helping guide them in the right direction.

Due to the surge in covid-19 varients, doulas are becoming primary birth team members. Especially in high-risk pregnancies, doulas can help alleviate some of the excess stress placed on expectant mothers right now. In addition, they can advocate for the parents and help ensure that all of the necessary precautions are in place before the birth.

Postpartum depression numbers have increased since the beginning of the pandemic. New parents are finding themselves unable to have the customary family support in order to protect their newborn from Covid-19.

Doulas are also trained to be emotionally supportive after childbirth and can often offer advice about breastfeeding, sharing different techniques and encouragement. They are also incredibly aware of the risks of postpartum depression and the signs and symptoms that accompany it. They are not a replacement for healthcare providers but additional support to the team of people who guide families through the process of becoming new parents.

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BirthRight Citizenship Canada is a birthright citizenship assistance service.  They offer full-service packages to help those looking to travel to Canada to have their child. They also provide connections to health care providers and specialists if necessary. They have on staff Doulas to offer mental and emotional support, and they also handle the travel arrangements and paperwork requirements for soon-to-be parents.

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