Latest Covid-19 Antibody Test Emerges From Solea Medical Spa

August 23 14:32 2021

Solea medical spa & Beauty Lounge has launched an antibody test that detects whether someone unknowingly contracted the COVID-19 virus. The test, known as Serum Antibody C-19, can identify antibodies in any previously COVID-19 infected individual.

Designed to use the immuno-capture method, the kit detects IgG and IgM antibodies whereby goat- anti-mouse igG antibodies, mouse-anti-human monoclonal IgM antibodies, and mouse-anti-human monoclonal igG antibodies coat the nitrocellulose membrane. Colloidal silver acts as a tracer for the mouse igG antibodies and recombinant 2019-nCoV antigen. Consequently, the Colloidal gold coated 2019 nCoV antigens attach to the antibodies, thus creating compounds. In turn, pre-coated mouse- anti-human igM antibodies catch these compounds finally giving rise to results in real-time.

Authentication of the fingerstick test was determined by blood from a fingerstick being blotted on a filter paper. Once it dried, there was an analysis made side by side on each serum sample. In conclusion, there showed a 98.4% consensus of the Serum igM, igG, and the blood spots.

Bear in mind; the test is effective in detecting antibodies of the different kinds of strains in circulation, but it does not detect immunity.

Timing, however, is vital in achieving accuracy in the results. If an individual suspects being infected, a waiting period of 7-14 days is recommended. That is within the timeframe in which an individual’s igG and igM antibodies are not detectable yet. Being PCR positive does not mean that the IgG antibody can automatically be seen unless some time has elapsed. It should be at least 28 days before getting the test, to ensure definite results.

Ultimately, when samples are presented for testing in the right timeframe, the chances of getting a false positive are unlikely. This is because the KMBO test is distinctly designed to detect Nucleoprotein (N) exclusive only to SARS, and SARS-COV2 viruses.

To validate the Serum Antibody C-19 test, clinical trials were set in motion. Approximately 2 million tests were conducted in China and the statistics proved that the effectiveness of the test was undoubtedly sufficient.

The test is now available to the public, including individuals who have comorbidities.

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