Higher Rates of Cosmetic Procedures in 2021 Means Updating Treatment Equipment

August 23 14:26 2021

Many people have spent over a year working and mainly staying at home, without cosmetic treatments or even minor, aesthetic procedures. Unfortunately, they have also spent a good portion of that time viewing the flaws of their skin via the dreaded zoom meeting.

They have now studied themselves and seen the flaws and are looking for new and advanced ways to deal with those problems. Looking professional on zoom meetings can be critical for keeping or even getting a job these days. Part of the professionalism is lighting that can be less than flattering if someone has unwanted facial hair or saggy skin and wrinkles.

High school and college students struggling with acne have found that being in front of the camera highlights the problem, leading to lower self-esteem.

With the pandemic winding down and cosmetic clinics beginning to perform procedures again, patients are looking for clinics offering them options. Clinics worldwide are opening their doors back up to realize that clients are more informed and more interested in what choices they have to treat their skin issues.

One solution clinics are finding is investing in new equipment.

“Clinics are looking for new and innovative ways to offer their patients options. As a result, there has been a rise in clinics reaching out to see what new technology is out there, especially when it comes to non-invasive procedures and things like hair removal and skin tightening. From large multi-practitioner clinics to small offices, everyone is using this patient growth to expand their services.” According to a spokesperson.

“At SharpLight, one of the newer options available is the Rapid Tight System. It’s a big investment, but it’s also remarkably versatile. So, if a clinic is looking to add one new big piece of equipment, this is a viable option, that if used to its full advantage, will pay for itself in the long run.” The spokesperson added.

The Rapid Tight System is designed for a variety of dermatological uses. It can be used to treat aging skin with tightening procedures. Acne is difficult to treat, and sometimes even medication isn’t enough. Light treatments can effectively help with both current acne struggles by destroying the bacteria and treating the scarring it can leave behind.

About SharpLight

SharpLight is a technology development and sales company focused on creating systems that use both light and lasers for cosmetic applications. They design, test, and sell systems like skin tightening, permanent hair removal, and even non-invasive body contouring. They have a trained team of sales representatives as well as technical staff to help customers get the right match of equipment for their clinic.

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