Exterior Foam Insulation Can Provide an Extra Layer of Protection for a Property

August 23 14:12 2021

While many Canadian homeowners are aware of the advantages of protecting their home with interior foam insulation, exterior foam insulation can also be beneficial and sometimes even more affordable and practical.  Many homes in Canada have masonry exteriors that can allow heat to escape and that can allow cold into the property.  Insulating these types of walls will keep the heat out, and the air conditioning inside.  In addition, pests such as bugs and rodents are deterred from entering a home with exterior foam insulation. 

Insulating an interior can need framing and take up floor space on an already smaller room which deters interior insulation.  Choosing exterior foam insulation can have the same advantages as interior insulation without sacrificing space.  An exterior that is properly insulated with foam can keep a home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and prevent damage to the outside as well. 

Exterior wall foam insulation can be done alone or with interior insulation as it adds another protective layer. The interior might be well insulated, but it can trap the heat and cold inside a home.  Exterior insulation on the other hand keeps the heat and cold outside where it should be ultimately.  This is an energy-saving cost and is used in many carbon-neutral homes. 

Foam Insulation of Newmarket, ON, specializes in exterior foam insulation that acts as a blanket on a commercial or residential property.  That is a simple way to describe it but a great technician such as those provided by Foam Insulation is needed to ensure perfect and complete coverage.  Property values can also increase as the attractiveness of a property is enhanced and knowing a property is more energy efficient is a huge selling point also when listing any property for sale. 

As a recently satisfied client in the Newmarket area stated, “My home’s energy bills decreased once I had Foam Insulation of Newmarket insulate the exterior walls of my home.  I saw the difference in my energy bill the next month.  As the months progressed, I noticed my home stayed cooler in the warm weather and warmer in the cold weather, so this investment was affordable and much needed obviously.  I am completely satisfied and would recommend this company to everyone!”

In addition to all the other factors mentioned above to use exterior foam wall insulation, the older homes in Canada many times do not have an inside wall cavity structure, which would make it impossible to insulate in the interior.  Using exterior foam insulation can at least mitigate some of the heating and cooling loss that does occur in these older homes. 

Foam Insulation of Newmarket has the highest standards and the most well-trained and thorough technicians possible.  A simple phone call or email to the company and a consultation can be arranged as soon as convenient for any property owner.  Utilizing exterior wall foam insulation will pay off dividends for years to come in energy savings and the comfort level of any property.

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