Club Party Drugs Continue to Be a Problem and Can Be Dangerous and Addictive

August 23 13:42 2021

Since the 1980s, drugs used in clubs have been a problem worldwide but also in Canada.  Individuals who frequent clubs often many times do not realize the dangers they face when ingesting drugs while partying and dancing.  One of the most popular drugs like Ecstasy is dangerous when taken on any occasion but while dancing, can raise the heart rate enormously to the point where a heart attack can occur. 

Other club party drugs are also known to be dangerous, such as cocaine and heroin.  In a club party atmosphere, cocaine and heroin can be used as a mixture called a ‘speedball’ which both relaxes and energizes at the same time.  However, this mixture leads to addiction many times to both these drugs.  Headlines throughout the world attest to the fact that many celebrities died as a result of club party drug use, many of which are men. 

Inspire Change Wellness is a men’s only addiction treatment centre that specializes in club party drug addiction treatment via their addiction treatment centre in Vancouver, ON.  Men many times are reluctant to admit that they have an addiction but club party drugs are addictive and addiction can set it in quickly.  There are instances on record of addicts who have become addicted to heroin or cocaine even after the first use.  Also known as ‘binge drug use’ going to a club regularly and using drugs regularly increases the chance of addiction each time. 

There is no age limit on drug addiction either from club party drugs as all ages do frequent the clubs and all age groups can become addicted.  Inspire Change Wellness and the addiction treatment centre is for males only as men have different needs when battling addiction than women do.  The treatment plan is holistic and palliative and geared towards the male experience of addiction.  Men have very different emotional and psychological needs that must be met and this must be taken into consideration in a complete care plan for battling and overcoming addiction. 

Stimulants such as cocaine and sedatives such as heroin are prolific in the club scenes, as is GHB, a date rape drug that is dangerously used.  Of course, as mentioned, Ecstasy adds excitement to any club scene experience.  Inspire Change Wellness and its addiction treatment centre in Vancouver can handle any issues with addiction of binging on drugs within the club scene.  The rehab that is offered addresses both the initial problems with addiction treatment but also assists encompasses re-entry into the real world as an individual who is now clean and sober. 

Treatment does not stop when a male addict leaves but continues throughout the life cycle of former addicts, with a care plan that might include staying at a sober living facility for a bit or working closely with an addict in avoiding friends or relatives that can enable them back into an addiction to the clubs and club drugs.

About Inspire Change Wellness/Addiction Treatment Centre

Inspire Change Wellness has always been for men only treatment centre for all types of addictions.  With the absolute abundance of addictions now to clubs and club party drugs, this treatment centre in Vancouver is addressing this problem head on.  A form, email and phone are available 24/7 for clients that need assistance in battling addiction. 

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