Enciircle’s Optiix brand launches all-new TruChrom Explorer flashlight

August 23 17:34 2021
Flashlight brings color to darkness and allows users to see better in the night

Enciircle’s Optiix brand has launched the all-new TruChrom Explorer flashlight. This color enhancing device uses a proprietary Optiix coating to give the flashlight deeper reds, blues, and greens—making it easier to see the beauty and vibrancy of life after dark.

The optical filters used in the TruChrom Explorer take out the confusion created by certain light wavelengths that mute what the user sees. Optiix’s coating also reduces glare and clarifies shadow. For further data and specifications see the TrumChrom Explorer data sheet. The all-new TruChrom flashlight is ideal for anyone who works, explores, or simply enjoys discovering the world in the dark or at night.

Flashlights are an important tool for just about anybody, however their usefulness is largely based on flooding a given space with as much “bright light” as possible. The TruChrom coating creates a different overall experience for the user. Rather than a wall of white light, Optiix’s TruChrom enhances the color your eyes see—allowing the light to create a depth and richness in the darkness that is unparalleled in any other flashlight on the market. 

“The TruChrom Explorer is just one of the ways we’re bringing cutting-edge tech to create next generation visual experiences,” says Chris Lawton, CEO of Enciircle. “Enciircle is focused on bringing more color and clarity to everyday life with its Optix brand of products.” The unique cat’s-eye lens produces a center image with enhanced colors, surrounded by an unmodified white light surrounding for a “best of both worlds” approach.

The TruChrom Explorer is capable of providing light in the darkest situations regardless of whether you’re exploring an abandoned building, working on electrical or plumbing systems, or strolling through a dark forest. The flashlight is constructed from heavy-duty material for individuals who need to see clearly—beyond what white light can achieve. The TruChrom Explorer allows users to see in color in order to make sense of shapes and movement. Should you need it, the TruChrom Explorer can also be used as a power bank to charge a mobile phone.

For more information on the all-new Enciircle Optiix TruChrom Explorer or to buy the flashlight, please visit the company’s official product page.

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