Dental Health Remains Critical Even Through Pandemic

August 23 13:24 2021

With Covid-19 Delta surging again, people are again starting to cancel appointments and put off regularly scheduled dental appointments. Studies are emerging showing that patients are wary about visiting dental offices for anything other than painful or emergency situations. Even some who feel they need emergency level care are hesitating before making those appointments.

Preemptive dental care can be critical to overall health and may show early signs of other health conditions.That’s why it’s essential to continue to go to regular check-ups and cleanings even amid the pandemic unless a healthcare professional advises against it.

At the Art of Dentistry, they take every possible precaution and follow all regulations necessary to protect their patients and staff while still providing preventative dental procedures. Staff members are thoroughly screened and advised to stay home in the event of contact with someone positive with covid and quarantine for the recommended period of time. The staff is also aware of the need to get tested if they are concerned even a little that they may have contracted covid and remain home until a negative test result comes back.

“There are safety measures in place, and patients can be careful and protect themselves from these new delta surges without skipping their regular check-ups and cleanings. If someone skips these critical preventative measures, they can end up with much worse problems down the road.” Said a spokesperson.

“There are guidelines, and they are followed to the letter.Staff and patient safety are of utmost importance and will always come first. Skipping a cleaning now can lead to plaque buildup and cavities later and if not treated properly can develop into an abscessor even worse infections.” The spokesperson added.

When to delay appointments? Appointments should be rescheduled or canceled only if a patient has a fever, is feeling under the weather, or has been in contact with someone that has tested positive for covid-19 or suspects they have. To protect the dental staff and other patients, all appointments will be rescheduled two weeks after any known exposure.

Regular dental care can continue even with the delta surge as long as patients follow safety precautions outlined by the dental office and health officials. Because dental health and general health are so closely tied together, people should consider maintaining their dental appointments to keep their overall health at its peak, especially during this pandemic.

There is minimal risk to going in for dental appointments. Even most cosmetic dental procedures can continue without excess risk during the pandemic if the dental clinic and the patients both follow the rules.

About the Art of Dentistry

The Art of Dentistry is a full-service cosmetic and general dental care clinic. They offer sophisticated cosmetic procedures, including implants and veneers, as well as routine cleanings and preventive care. They have a thoroughly trained and certified staff to provide clients with the newest techniques and procedures in cosmetic dentistry while also ensuring clients receive the proper care when it comes to oral health.

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