Alaa Harazin Provides Restaurants With a Simple and Proven Way Of Managing Cash Better With a Cash Log Tool

August 23 16:00 2021
Alaa Harazin Provides Restaurants With a Simple and Proven Way Of Managing Cash Better With a Cash Log Tool

Alaa Harazin is a payment processing professional for restaurants.
Alaa Harazin makes cash handling and management smooth and effortless for restaurants with the innovative Cash Log feature.

Alaa Harazin, the payment processing specialist with a sterling record for providing innovative business management systems and POS, has introduced a new cash log app for restaurant owners. The Cash Log tool makes all handling of all cash-related tasks easy for restaurant managers and administrators. 

“The cash log app records all cash-related transactions in the system, making it easy for restaurants to track all payments and receipts done in cash mode,” says Alaa Harazin. “Restaurants can also connect their in-house cash register to the device for a broader view of cash movement. The app provides details of when the cash drawer was opened and indicates the amount of cash removed and deposited.”

The Cash Log system comes with a Cash Report feature that provides details of every cash transaction based on date, amount, and type. Users can know if the cash event occurred was an open, adjustment, or transaction type by looking into the system.

Alaa Harazin is also an award winning television producer in the food & beverage industry, below is his recent work:

Cash Log offers filtered results based on what a restaurant needs. The output from the system can be filtered by employees, events, and devices. Restaurants can see the cash log results of every employee by simply clicking on a name. They can find out through which specific device a cash transaction took place by using device in the filtering option.

Cash Log provides transaction information for a date range. For instance, if the restaurant wants to have details of cash transactions for a specific time frame such as the last week or the last 30 days, all they have to do is enter the time frame in the date range window provided.

Cash Log can be especially helpful in retail businesses such as restaurants where cash is a critical business component and is the backbone of the system. It regularly changes hands. In large businesses where the volume of such transactions are high and more frequent, it may not be possible for managers to track all such cash movements efficiently. There are chances of errors and mistakes creeping in.

The Cash Log app can track all cash transactions from the customers and also keep an eye on the cash drawer activities. It can accurately point out the movement of cash to ensure that there are no tallying issues at the end of the day.

About Alaa Harazin:

Alaa Harazin is a reputed payment processing professional in the merchant service industry and known for his innovative solutions. He specializes in providing payment solutions for the restaurant industry and has over 15 years of experience in sales and credit cards processing services.

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