Personal Injury Lawyers Mesquite Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys are the Legal Experts that Injury Victims Want on Their Side

August 23 14:51 2021
Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys focus on personal injuries arising from car accidents. Clients get direct access to a qualified lawyer with specialized knowledge for adequate representation. It results in fair compensation and quick settlements.

According to announcements released by Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys and Mitchell Fielding, the personal injury lawyers Mesquite from this law firm specializes in car accident injuries. Their focus on this aspect of personal injuries gives them a unique advantage over those with a general background in law. 

Car accident lawyers Mesquite at this law firm provide clients one-on-one access to an experienced, licensed attorney who knows the ins and outs of car accident cases. The knowledge about state and federal laws that govern car accidents and related injuries is the difference between a quick, fair compensation and a long-drawn court case that ends with an inadequate claim settlement. Personalized attention and a higher level of service from the lawyers separate this law firm from its competitors. 

Injuries from car accidents can traumatize. Injury victims struggling with sudden and mounting expenses can do without the added stress of dealing with unprincipled insurance adjusters. Insurance companies know that injured claimants not represented by lawyers are vulnerable to pressure tactics and try hard to get them to agree to low-value settlements. Fielding Law offers its clients their best chance of obtaining a just settlement, and that too quickly. The law firm has a record of settling cases out of court to the advantage of its clients; however, if need be, it is always prepared to represent clients in court in pursuit of justice and fair compensation. 

Car accident injury victims in Utah, Texas, Arizona, and Idaho can contact Fielding Law for a free consultation and aggressive legal representation. 

The firm has a successful record of obtaining compensation and justice for truck accident victims. Truck accidents are different and can be more complicated because these may involve multiple defendants. These include the at-fault driver, the truck owner, the truck leasing company, the truck driver’s employer and the truck manufacturer. Fielding Law is the ideal personal injury law firm for truck accident victims because its knowledgeable attorneys can obtain proper compensation for the victims.

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Mitchell Fielding of Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys said, “We do not take a “big firm” approach to auto accident and personal injury law.  Simply put, unlike other firms, we do not add your case to a large list of other cases and never take the time to actually get to know your particular facts and issues.  In short, we avoid the assembly line approach to practicing law.  A common response from many clients of big personal injury firms is neither they nor their case gets the required attention.  By not giving cases the attention they deserve, some firms run the high risk of causing undue delays for their clients’ cases, or even worse, prematurely accepting a low settlement just for the sake of completing a case.  At Fielding Law, we take as much time as necessary for your claim, and we process it as quickly as possible.  However, we are not willing to accept a low settlement offer when you deserve more.  We will work with the insurance companies, quickly and efficiently, to get you as high of compensation as we can.”

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Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys is among the top personal injury law firms in Mesquite. Clients are given direct access to an experienced attorney specializing in all aspects of car accident injuries. A free case evaluation and a rigorous representation keeping the client’s interests in mind is the hallmark of this law firm.

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