Mobile Security start-up, Simvacy, makes it easy to keep personal data safe from big tech and hackers

August 23 13:09 2021
Personal data is being hacked, stolen, and sold by Big Tech and hackers. Simvacy shares ways on how people can protect themselves and increase their mobile security.

Leading company Simvacy has shed light on how people can protect what is now a precious commodity — their privacy — from big tech and hackers.  

Simvacy states that current records estimate that an eye-popping 36 billion personal records and data have been exposed in 2020 alone.  

Jack Flanagan, a co-founder of Simvacy, says the problem appears to be getting worse.  

“Hackers are breaking into more peoples’ smartphones than ever before, but they are not the only ones caught sifting through your data,” Flanagan explains.

Flanagan laments that big tech giants are also doing so and sharing it with numerous third parties like advertisers and governments. 

“Whenever you use free apps, such as popular social media platforms, you become the product,” says Flanagan. 

Data is today’s digital gold, and it gets sold to the highest bidder for enormous amounts of money. This incentivizes tech companies to mine and collect as much data as they possibly can.  

Even if consumers are aware of this happening, they may be at a loss as to how they can continue using their favorite apps without providing a phone number. 

After all, most popular apps require users to add their phone numbers in order to use them. 

“You have probably been sharing your phone number with every app that asks for it, which opens you up to new vectors of attack,” says Flanagan. 

Personal data like bank details, contacts, location, and other private details can be accessed more easily when a malicious individual or entity has a person’s phone number.  

Simvacy points out that spyware like Pegasus, which was developed by an Israeli cyberarms company called NSO, has become increasingly prevalent today, making mobile security a matter of great urgency. 

In order to stop Big Tech from spying and for hackers to no longer access personal data, Simvacy states that consumers can swap their personal mobile phone numbers with a secure number.

“They can simply swap their personal number with one that is far more secure and use it for all of their favorite social messaging apps,” he explains.

Flanagan suggests turning to a company that enables elevated mobile security by assigning a new phone number that is not associated or linked to any private and sensitive data. 

With increased security in place, Flanagan said users no longer need to risk leaking their personal data to Big Tech giants and hackers. Personal details and data are increasingly being stolen, sold, and used for nefarious reasons. 

Flanagan adds that users can now use social media apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Clubhouse safely. 

Consumers can learn more ways to protect their smartphones from hackers and intruders by visiting Simvacy’s website for more information. 

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