AbbVie Consultations For Wrinkle Treatment and Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation Offered By SB Aesthetics Medical Spa In Santa Barbara

August 23 09:08 2021
AbbVie Consultations For Wrinkle Treatment and Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation Offered By SB Aesthetics Medical Spa In Santa Barbara
SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is one of the top medical spas in Santa Barbara offering a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and aesthetic med spa services to its patients.
Injectables for fine line, folds and wrinkle treatment by Abbvie are available at SB Aesthetics Medical Spa headed Dr. Robert W. Sheffield. The med spa and plastic surgery center provides FDA-approved AbbVie’s products for treatment of facial rejuvenation and preventative skin care. The clinic is booking appointments in accordance with CDC and social distancing guidelines including a protocol checklist prior to entry into the facility.

Santa Barbara, CA – SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is now open for consultations regarding AbbVie’s Botox Cosmetic and Juvéderm Ultra XC for providing fine line, fold, and wrinkle treatment to its Santa Barbara patients. Botox or Botulinum Toxin is available for many cosmetic procedures, but it is mainly used to refine and improve wrinkle treatment of facial areas. The patients can take Botox Santa Barbara cosmetic treatment to correct the forehead lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, and frown lines. Additionally, Juvéderm works in tandem with Botox for facial rejuvenation mainly by addressing deeper lines and folds.  But, before getting these treatments, one must take prior consultation and advice from Dr. Sheffield who will provide a customized treatment plan. It will help in making the treatment more comfortable and ensure a greater likelihood of successful desired results.

According to Dr. Sheffield, medical director of SB Aesthetics Medical Spa, “We use non-invasive procedures using the topical anesthesia or nerve blocks to assist with pain management when conducting the various cosmetic procedures. The Botox is an injectable liquid administered on the provided spaces where there are wrinkles or fine lines. It is used in small quantities and under the complete supervision of the expert staff. Botox is not only used for facial procedures but for many medical treatments too. Along with Botox cosmetic treatment, Juvéderm Ultra XC for the lip injections Santa Barbara will help fill the marionette and lip lines in the mouth area as well as provide additional volume.”

Botox and Juvéderm are safe injectable cosmetic treatments since they are non-surgical and involve only topical anesthesia or nerve block for patients with a low pain tolerance, making the procedures safe, quick, and cost-effective. Moreover, the procedures carried out at SB Aesthetics Medical Spa comply with the highest levels of safety protocols. Since these injectables help in smoothening the wrinkles and other facial skin imperfections, patients utilize their effects for preventative skin care at younger ages as the earlier they are administered, the lessening of deeper lines and wrinkles will occur.

Many of the procedures done at the SB Aesthetics are non-surgical as Dr. Sheffield uses local and tumescent anesthesia for the same. It means it costs less, the patients recover quickly, and they are the safest procedures. The Juvederm lip fillers Santa Barbara injected using the non-surgical procedure lasts for two years, and the procedure may take up to an hour according to the facial requirements.

“We use tumescent anesthesia to provide a natural look to the patients instead of an operated look. The person can go back to working or normal routine within less time as there is no surgery involved. Juvederm treatment is best for patients with sagging skin, wrinkles, folds, etc. It will augment your chin, cheeks, and lip skin. At SB Aesthetics Santa Barbara medical spa, we use effective and FDA-approved products so that there is no problem caused to client’s skin and the youth is restored too,” he further added.

So, the patients looking forward to getting youthful skin without surgery can take AbbVie’s Juvederm treatment in Santa Barbara.

About SB Aesthetics Medical Spa

SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is a medispa located in Santa Barbara. Dr. Sheffield performs an entire spectrum of non-invasive surgery for lip enhancement, Botox, cheek augmentation, Juvederm, etc. The focus is to provide aesthetic and highest standard treatment with effective and long-lasting results using the local and tumescent anesthesia techniques. The patients are provided with a great natural look.

About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield

Dr. Sheffield is a third-generation plastic surgeon heading SB Aesthetics Medical Spa with over 30 years of experience. He has performed many advanced reconstructive surgeries in North County, San Diego area. His medical schooling was completed at the University of Tennessee, surgical internship from Los Angeles, and residency training at the University of Florida. He is also the founder member of the ‘Annual Rhinoplasty Symposium,’ and a life member of the ‘American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’ and ‘American Society of Plastic Surgeons.’

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