The Importance Of Giving The Mind A Rest By Jeremy Bennett

August 23 12:30 2021
Understand How Mind Breaks Can Increase The Feeling Of Calmness.

Imagine taking part in a fitness class when the trainer instructs their students to lift a twenty-five-pound dumbbell over their heads thirty consecutive times. For many people, this seems like an impossible task.

Now, imagine if that same trainer asked their students to lift that same twenty-five-pound weight thirty times; however, this time, the students could take a break every five reps. Wouldn’t that sound more doable? These simple breaks can make all the difference in the world when it comes to lifting that weight.

So how is this relevant to calming the mind? It’s relevant because most people are rushing around day by day trying to get dozens of little things done. Sometimes it simply feels like an impossible task. Driving the kids to soccer practice, keeping up with bills, exercising, socializing with family and friends, and cooking relatively healthy meals is time-consuming.

What if there were ways to give the mind a break?

They are called ‘Mind Breaks.’ Mind Breaks are breaks for the mind so that it can function more efficiently. Mind Breaks are important because just like muscles need rest to perform adequately — the mind does too!

The thing is, though, many people are not even aware that the mind can rest. Most people are so used to getting lost in thoughts. It’s easy to dwell on bad things in the past or constantly fear what could happen in the future. This can make feeling drained the norm. Sound familiar?

The intent is to share how these Mind Breaks work and, more importantly, provide effective yet simple ways to achieve these Mind Breaks. When a person experiences these Mind Breaks, time can seem to slow down. When time seems to slow down, it’s possible to feel as though more things can get accomplished.

It’s not about resting the mind 24/7. It’s about becoming a little better at resting the mind for a few minutes or even a few seconds at a time.

Want to learn more about Mind Breaks and how to incorporate them into one’s life? Please visit and check out ‘The Calm Mind Method’ free blog for tips and techniques that can help calm the mind.

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