Dr. Steve O’Donnell publishes a book helping entrepreneurs understand branding and trademarking.

August 23 11:30 2021
O’Donnell guides small businesses to be more creative when choosing a brand.

Dr. Steve O’Donnell, a patent, trademark, and copyright lawyer has published Atypical Branding: Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace. In the book, Dr. O’Donnell focuses on practical strategies to increase creativity and describes how to utilize that creativity to create a unique brand name that can be trademarked and protected. Dr. O’Donnell also discusses the importance of a distinctive brand name and the connection between the name itself and the concept of goodwill.

Dr. O’Donnell’s firm, found online at http://CreateConsultControl.com, has been offering personal branding consultations for several years, during which clients learn how to choose and evaluate brand names. By compiling years of knowledge into an accessible book of practical exercises and brief explanations of complex topics, Dr. O’Donnell intends to make concise branding advice accessible to every business person or anyone interested in branding, creativity, and trademarks.

A memorable and unique brand name does more than make a product stand apart from competitors. A good brand name develops and gathers goodwill, which is the total of all associations a customer makes with the product. Therefore, a good brand name must be unique to make robust mental connections to these positive associations. In addition, a good brand name has to be something a business can trademark and protect from imposters. Most importantly, a good brand name, rich in goodwill, allows one to charge a premium for their goods and services.

Branding is a customer’s first impression of a product, and it typically takes five interactions before a customer will remember a brand. It is crucial that a business can grab every potential new customer’s attention and one of the best ways to do that is with a unique and memorable brand name. In his book Atypical Branding, Dr. O’Donnell details several ways to choose distinctive brand names and avoid the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when choosing a brand for their business or product.

Dr. O’Donnell helps clients in the US and worldwide realize, protect, and monetize their intellectual property. His new book Atypical Branding: Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace is available at http://atypicalbranding.com.

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