Maple Launches a New Retail Operations Platform, Maple Retail, aimed at Digitizing and Automizing Field Operations

August 23 11:06 2021
Maple launched their new Operation Management Platform, Maple Retail, for those looking to digitize and automate their retail field operations. Global retail giants such as Sephora and Samsonite are already on board.


There are some key features to Maple, but most importantly, it aims to collect the lost daily operational data. 

“Retailers collect sales data, customer data and many more but operational data is sparse and in some cases missing” said Demir Gonenc, the CEO of Maple, “I believe bringing together all data and making other technologies actionable is the key to a healthy retail-tech ecosystem at an organization.” 

The team at Maple also created MIS (Maple Innovation Services) to help customers who need customization and innovation. “Our platform’s structure allows us to develop and deploy custom features very easily” said Chris Pikul, the CTO of Maple, “In some cases that is why enterprises choose us over some software giants, who are sometimes costly and slow at implementing customizations and new features. 

Some use cases where retailers benefitted the most from Operational Management Software are; 

– Store Visits and Auditing
– Employee coaching for engagement, performance and development insights
– Integrated HR Bots to answer questions coming from field employees
– Live Operational Analytics from the field with Maple Operational Trend Analysis – Assigning complex Tasks with two taps, and automizing them
– Creating a knowledge-base for all processes
– Automizing Floor Management
– Visual Merchandising Management 

“It is critical for some clients to navigate the retail-tech ecosystem,” Demir continues, “it might feel overwhelming at first, that is why we consult our retailers on the most recent developments and which other platforms they may find useful”. 

Top-Level Needs In Retail Tech 

Every silo in an organization has its own priorities when they research new technologies. Top management usually wants to make sure previous investments don’t go to waste, while IT teams may want to avoid tech chaos inside. It is key for a successful retail-tech implementation, from operations software to people counting hardware, that they utilize previous investments and start a grass-roots digital transformation. 

How To Move Forward With Change Management 

The company needs to decide if there is a need to revamp its technology to the new age, where integrated and automized workflows create huge efficiencies, increase compliance and show bottlenecks. It is important to attract people’s attention to a changing trend in the field automatically. This is why operational data is crucial for a retailer. 

Train A Company’s Future, Digitally 

Organizational memory is extremely vital for a corporation to stay competitive, and it will increase in value as Machine Learning progresses. Companies will no longer have to lose their most successful ideas and methods; because they will all be digitally processed into their daily workflows. 

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