ANKHGEAR’s Magnetic Zipper Transforms Lives

August 21 00:18 2021
One Small Thing Leads to Independence, Confidence, and Changed Lives.

Rochester, N.Y. – One small thing, it all starts with a click. A click that to millions of Americans living with limited mobility due to a disability or arthritis, means overcoming anxiety and facing the daily challenge that comes with getting dressed. No longer will a cumbersome zipper slow them down. A seriously simpler life is now within reach.

ANKHGEAR, an innovation leader in adaptive clothing, is launching a line of adaptive apparel, soft hoodies featuring the patented MagZip magnetic zipper. This ingenious one-handed zipper makes getting dressed a cinch. It’s as easy as touch, click, zip.

MagZip is the first and only innovation to the zipper in more than 100 years, and ANKHGEAR is making this life-changing zipper accessible to the masses through their apparel line.

ANKHGEAR is proud to play a role in inspiring people to do more, and experience newfound or reclaimed independence.“We’re seeing a diverse array of people across all age groups who are living with arthritis or disabilities now experience the joy of newfound freedom thanks to our hoodies with the innovative MagZip,” said ANKHGEAR CEO and President, Scott Peters. “We’ve combined this practical design concept with a new line of soft hoodies that are convenient, comfortable, and stylish.”

Some people have already experienced the independence and empowerment of self-dressing with ANKHGEAR hoodies. Bryony Grealish, chef, motivational speaker, and founder of the Fingerless Kitchen said, “It’s like magic! One little thing like the magnetic zipper can change your life.”

Sydney Collier, 2016 Paralympian and 2020 Paralympic hopeful with the United States Equestrian team, discovered ANKHGEAR and it has changed her life for the better. “Thanks to ANKHGEAR, this is the first time in 12 years that I’ve been able to independently and effortlessly zip my own zipper,” says Collier. “Look how easily that magnet clicks in at the bottom!”

Curious how it works? Watch here. Orders for lightweight, heavyweight, and kids hoodies are now available online at


ANKH is an ancient symbol for life. GEAR is essential, reliable technology that solves a specific problem. ANKHGEAR was created to make independent dressing easier for all. Founded in 2011, ANKHGEAR is a leading adaptive apparel company dedicated to providing clothing that promotes independence, freedom, and confidence. Featuring the innovative MagZip™ magnetic zipper, the 2021 clothing line provides expanded options with new life-changing apparel for the adaptive marketplace.

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