Asian-Owned K-Beauty Platform Coréelle Shows Support to AAPI Community

August 20 23:09 2021
Up-and-coming Korean Beauty platform, Coréelle, launches a campaign to stop Asian hate.

With hate crimes toward people of Asian ethnicity on the rise, more people are getting involved in actions to combat it. As an Asian-owned company, Coréelle truly believes in the need to stop Asian hate. Launched in March, their campaign allowed for Coréelle to engage with their customers and work together towards the common goal of stopping Asian hate. Proceeds from sales went into supporting the cause. Additionally, interested customers added to the cause in the form of tipping.

Coréelle is an online marketplace that carries indie Korean Beauty brands for lifestyle goods, including skincare and hair care products. Coréelle works hard to bring real, authentic skincare brands into light. Recently, Coréelle was recognized for their work by being one of the finalists in Marie Claire’s Next KBeauty Competition. With over twenty years of experience in the realm of beauty and skincare, the Coréelle team uncovers brands with real personality and uses this expertise to share them with people around the world.

Being an Asian-owned business platform for Korean beauty products, Coréelle honors their Korean roots. One of the ways is through the products of House of Dohwa. House of Dohwa aspires to bring back the Korean traditional beauty secrets for clear skin with a modern-day twist to make their products more suitable for the contemporary world. Rice is the main ingredient for their products, which was the ancient secret to clear skin during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. The rice used in House of Dohwa products are all locally grown and ethically processed to create vegan skincare products such as toners and creams. In addition, their wipe-off masks are highly favored by the beauty community.

House of Dohwa first launched in October of 2020 as an exclusive brand for Coréelle. House of Dohwa has gained attention from Mega-Influencers on Youtube such as Tina Yong and Sissel. House of Dohwa plans to host a gathering with other influencers living in Seoul at the Rakkojae Seoul for an immersive experience with their products.

Although most of their customers are Millenials and Gen Z, Coréelle has products for everyone. Coréelle understands the needs of their audience and provides accordingly by focusing on self-care and authenticity. By featuring a carefully selected bunch of indie brands in their shop, Coréelle attracts those who wish to buy unique skincare products that tell a story.

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