From the Perspective of an Impoverished Londoner – A New Way to Look at Life

August 20 17:32 2021

‘Nature’s Power’ is a combination of a motivational book presented as a memoir about Gary Price, an ordinary man from East London who unlocks health and wealth despite all odds. He uses the power of manifestation despite being bullied and mistreated all his life and creates the reality he always wanted to envision.

Like many others who are fed on negative thoughts that eat at the power of their subconscious, Gary was also raised on the belief that he will not amount to much. But he went on to succeed in all avenues, be it family life, academics, sports, marriage, etc. Each taught him the truth about life, that our potentials are limited by ourselves and only ourselves. Would you this was the same young boy who was dyslexicm made fun of for his large ears, had a stutter and asthma?

Gary changed his life through the power of self-reflection and retrospection on life events. He realised that life was telling him the truth all along. He figured out that manifesto and now eagerly directs others the same way. For those that don’t believe there is a formula for making it work in life, this book is the perfect remedy.

You have nothing to fear if you have been earning as low as £15 a week, or if your marriage has failed. Gary went through the same, but he made his life happen. So can you!

ISBN: 978-1914264917

Published: June 1, 2021

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