Hebei Jinbiao Addresses Singapore’s Noise Pollution Problem with NEA-Compliant Noise and Sound Barriers

August 20 16:14 2021
The company’s customised sound barriers aid in emphasising sustainability and protecting the environment and public health.

Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials Pte. Ltd., was recently recognised as a pioneer in advocating for environment safety with its noise and sound barriers that comply with the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) boundary noise regulations.

“Our NEA-compliant noise barriers are designed to help people deal with the disturbance noise that affects their life and productivity,” says Ricky Thng, Operating Director of Hebei Jinbiao.

The Singaporean Government and NEA have been taking various steps to address noise pollution, as numerous studies have shown that noise pollution in Singapore is taking a toll on public health. The NEA has since implemented boundary noise regulations that impose a heavy fine on companies that fail to comply with these standards.

To help address the ongoing problem of noise pollution in the country, Hebei Jinbiao has assisted clients from both the private and public sector in complying with NEA’s boundary noise regulations.

The company has also been part of various public projects, including the construction of the Canberra MRT station, one of the newest MRT stations on the North-South Line.

“The noise barriers installed at the Canberra MRT station help mitigate the transport noise that will be heard by nearby residents,” Ricky Thng continues. “The people near the station, especially those living in HDB apartments at Canberra, get to enjoy better living conditions since their exposure to the noise generated by train activity is significantly reduced.”

Hebei Jinbiao is likewise among the first in the country to offer custom-made noise barriers, which are not commonly available in the market. Clients may now order Permanent noise barriers, as well as Temporary and Portable noise barriers, according to their requirements and site constraints, unlike before when these were available only in pre-made dimensions.

Hebei Jinbiao’s noise barriers come at a factory-direct price, with its manufacturing headquarters located in China.

The noise barriers offered by Hebei Jinbiao can be installed in various industries, such as highway and railway infrastructure, public utility work, oil and gas projects, and events activities, among others.

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