Coursium Reviews: Detailed Report on Coursium

August 19 20:27 2021

Looking for an easy read Coursium review, well, this one could be worthy of a read as it clearly will give the reader an in-depth analysis of this video app. Those who hardly have an idea about this course app can freely go through it. Just because this comprehensive Coursium review is framed with almost every detail including an overview about Coursium, its vendor, features, what is included in it, price, added bonuses, availability, and much more. 

Coursium Reviews – Does This Really Work For Video Marketers?

The worth of the e-learning market shockingly rises today. Hence, it could be blissful to have the right tool that has the potential to repurpose old content and transform it into money-making, e-learning, evergreen machines. And that is what exactly Coursium software can do to bring revolutionary change.

So let’s break things and see if the program really works in that way to bring an impressive income to a variety of those who are eagerly waiting for its carts to be open. 

Coursium Reviews

Product Name Coursium
Creator Neil Napier
Main Benefit Mainly helps to create e-learning courses and program
Launch Date 20th August 2021
Launch Time 11 AM ET/NY
End Date 23rd August, 11:59 PM ET/NY
Price $37.00
Money-back Guarantee Offered 30-days
Official Website Click Here

What is Coursium?

In a nutshell, Coursium is a super-charged video course app that is designed to help anyone to make e-learning easy, engaging, and effective. If somebody is providing any e-learning course, this tool can be effective to draw more students to their videos, after making them impressively attractive and convenient. Once the students find the content most appealing, that page is more likely to draw traffic towards it as students will come back again and again. And as a result, the customer will multiply the profits.

All these become possible through the powerful AI of Coursium that transcribes, translates, and tags videos to make them accessible to the whole world, of course, making them more interesting too. 

About Neil Napier

The man behind Coursium software is Neil Napier. He is a well-versed figure who is known to the world as an online marketer and software developer for years before. He has a variety of 100,000 customers around the world who make use of his products. He has been marketing online for many years, having done multiple six-figure product launches and webinar promotions, across many platforms, such as JVZoo, PayKickStart, and others.

Coursium Creator - Neil Napier

How does Coursium software work?

Coursium software works by assisting the user to easily start a profitable e-learning business, no matter if the user is a pro or just a beginner. The customer does not require any technical skills, buy expensive equipment, create a website, complicated setup, create transcriptions, or anything like that. 

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Here is a demo for effectively doing it.

Step 1: Log in to Dashboard

Once the user gets access to Coursium, he needs to log in to the dashboard of the app. The login credentials and the software login URL will be sent to the user. 

Step 2: Setting up course details

Now the user has to set individual course specifics. It includes how the user wants to launch the particular course, course information, ways to collect payments, and others. 

Step 3: Upload the course

The user can now upload courses by using the upload videos options. This way the user will have to upload the course into the app, but it is important to construct a course structure first. 

Step 4: Publish

After successfully making the changes and uploading the videos as well as the quizzes, the user will be able to publish the course as a unique link to the individual e-learning platform will be given to the users. 

Step 5: Promote and analyze

A unique feature included with Coursium is allowing the users to analyze self-performance like how it works, analytics, and the like. 

Coursium -Login

Features of Coursium

The salient features of Coursium software make it so special and unique to the customers. It is made for both veterans and newbies on platforms like e-learning, marketing, or blogging. Here are the key exciting features of Coursium.

  • Creating e-learning courses in high-speed servers. 
  • Creating unlimited pages to sell & host e-learning
  • Uploading /importing from Zoom, Facebook, Gdrive, Vimeo, Dropbox, URL, or computer
  • 1-click video sharing to social media platforms for free viral traffic
  • Human-like text to audio
  • Audio to text conversion
  • Embed video/audio content on any website 
  • Full analytics
  • DFY e-learning courses
  • Edit, merge, slice, and repurpose video and audio content
  • AI-powered tagging technology
  • Transcribe audio/video
  • Player control and customization.
  • Custom video/audio thumbnails
  • Viewers can give reactions 
  • Language translations

What does it include?

Based on numerous Coursium reviews, it ensures that the customers have a fully tested funnel with high conversions and guaranteed sales. To make it possible, it includes:


This is to create up to 100 videos for e-learning courses on high-speed servers. It will help the customers to create effective videos and unlimited course pages to sell and host e-learning. The customers can sell 5 DFY e-learning courses through it, and it also assists to convert human-like text to audio and vice versa. Furthermore, it is added with numerous other benefits as well.


Through this, the user will be able to create lengthier videos for high-speed servers. It is just like something extra to COURSIUM STARTER with upgraded features. But at the same time, it is included with training, commercial license, 35 language translation, and several others too.  


It enhances the user to enjoy unlimited audio & video storage, unlimited bandwidth, auto language detector, etc. Through this, the user will be provided with all the updates, premium support, etc. 


The user will enjoy 20 additional DFY courses through this addition. Besides, it will allow him to enjoy several features including DFY lead magnets, business website DFY, fast action bonuses, and the like. 


If the customer wants to remove “powered by Coursium” branding from their podiums or would like to proceed with rebranding the dashboard, Coursium White Label & agency will help them. It will also let the customers have full customization with company details as well as a personal domain, and more.


It is included with 3 sites to have up to 100,000 visitors monthly. The user will be benefited from unlimited funnels, pages, page imports, and additional bonuses as well. 

Coursium Included

Pros & Cons of Coursium


  • Hosting package
  • It’s powered by AI tagging technology
  • Complete analytics
  • Unlimited storage
  • Human-like text to audio
  • SEO friendly and simple ranking
  • Customization facility
  • Email shares and social shares
  • Downloadable or guarded video content
  • Multiple languages


  • It is not so simple
  • It Maybe time-consuming 

Who can use this software?

Coursium can be beneficial to a wide variety of people to make their content appealing and catchy to their audience. Here is a list of crowds for whom Coursium can be perfect.

  • Local Marketers/Agencies: Coursium can be ideal for those who run a local business or agency as it will create e-learning courses for them and get paid big. 
  • Digital Marketers: if the user is a digital marketer, Coursium will assist him to quickly and easily create the first e-learning course and let him start making money by swelling it in sites like Udemy. And it doesn’t require complex video recording and editing know-how. 
  • Video Marketers: Coursioum will help video marketers to create e-learning courses or video sales letters and expand reach. 
  • Affiliate Marketers: it will help affiliate marketers to convert email or text reviews into a proper review video. 
  • Bloggers: through Coursium, bloggers can make use of the opportunity to turn blog posts into education videos so that it gets possible to be shared on social media. Or else, bloggers will be able to repurpose old videos and research a new audience. 

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Bonuses Along With Coursium

The entire pack of Coursium is also included with 4 additional semi-exclusive bonuses. The user is free to choose any two out of this collection in the promotions. The user will also be authorized to give the bonuses away only on the launch of Coursium. These bonuses can be used by other people as well. 

Bonus #1: Product Creation Bootcamp

It is a training session where the user will see the best strategies of Neil for creating an info product in less than 4 hours. 

Bonus 1- Product Creation Bootcamp

Bonus #2: Video Script Template

This will enable the user to create compelling market videos effortlessly. Since it is included with do-it-for-you video scripts, the users can make earning sales and generating leads quite faster and easier. 

Bonus 2 - Video Script Template

Bonus #3: 3 Sales Video Presentation Template

The user can use the 3 done-for-you presentation templates which are included in it for businesses and for clients. Each of them will cover complete resell and Whitelabel rights. 

Bonus 3 - 3 Sales Video Presentation Template

Bonus #4: Video Sales Factory

It will make creating stunning sales videos so easy. It is quite stunning to know how it will work without any technical or artistic knowledge as it creates good-looking presentation style sales videos used to require the user to have PowerPoint. 

Bonus 4 - Video Sales Factory

Coursium Pricing & Availability

By analyzing many Coursium reviews, we can understand that this comes as a complete pack with six different components. As per the official website, here are the details and Coursium price patterns for each.

  • Price of Coursium Starter (FE1): $37
  • Price of Coursium Commercial (FE2): $47
  • Price of Coursium Unlimited (OTO1): $97 per year or $197 one-time
  • Price of Coursium Business (OTO2): $59 one-time
  • Price of Coursium White Label & Agency (OTO3): $147 or $197 one-time
  • Price of Coursium Funnelvio (OTO4): $77 one-time

If anyone is planning to give this video course app, it is necessary to head on to its official landing page. Because it is exclusively where access to the authentic version of the app is provided. Other online or offline sources where access to Coursium is found, must be fake.

Coursium Reviews – Does this really works?

As the global e-learning market is valued at more than $165 billion and it is expected to be worth more than $305 billion by 2025. Besides, 95% of e-learners are willing to recommend online education to others.

In that case, making use of innovative software like Coursium indeed can help a bunch of people who are involved with platforms like digital marketing, e-learning, video marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. this is exactly something that can help everyone in the field to achieve career goals. 

As mentioned in Coursium review, it allows users to upload and store e-learning courses quickly and securely. And it simplifies the process of creating hand-holding style courses, as well as generating course pages to host e-learning courses. It also enables the users to create a profitable e-learning business without having any technical skills, or even being on camera.  

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can Coursium be appropriate for newbies in video marketing?

Of course. Even a complete newbie can make use of this app. 

  • When will the cart be open for purchasing Coursium?

The cart will be open on the 20th of August.

  • Whether there is a support team to assist the users?

Yes. The support team of the Course is available 24/7 to help the users to achieve more. 

  • Is there any contest included as per the promotion? 

Yes. The contest starts on August 20th with incredible prizes for the winners. Besides, more contests are to be announced on the official page. 

  • Can it bring high conversion to e-learning courses?

Indeed. Coursium also helps the users to enjoy high conversion rates. 

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