Real Estate Champagne Selfies – Discover How to Grow a Business and Become an Instagram Influencer

August 19 17:24 2021
The service helps realtors be recognized as the go-to agents in their area through their social media brand.

In today’s world, it is crucial to be present on social media. The Real Estate Champagne Selfies club works with real estate professionals globally who want their profiles and expertise to be showcased to home buyers and sellers via social media platforms. The club’s mission is to help their clients understand that keeping up with trends and staying current in a fast-paced industry is not only pivotal to their success but also imperative.

In the age of digital marketing, if a business not online, it might as well close shop. It is a proven fact that more people are browsing Instagram rather than flipping through newspapers or local classifieds for homes for sale. What stops most agents from being online? The fear of the unknown. This membership club helps bridge the gap between getting started and sailing through success as members get acquainted with the process, follow the steps to getting established, identify with a plan to stay consistent and propel themselves into the future of being the go-to agents in their areas.

Why Instagram? Social media is a powerful way to connect with potential clients as well as stay in touch with past clients. Real Estate Champagne Selfies offers an innovative monthly subscription service that provides real estate professionals with all the tools they need for success on Instagram — how to spark engagement between followers, how to stay on top of trends, motivational check-ins, planning checklists, a community and network of support, monthly content calendars, best practices when capturing content, what not to do on social media and up-to-date information on what’s next and changing in the world of Instagram. With this many features in one place, it becomes the most seamless way to commit to leveling up one’s online presence in an affordable way.

It can be tough for real estate agents to find innovative ways to market themselves and their listings. Keri White, founder of Real Estate Champagne Selfies, shares, “When fellow professionals recognize the power of the influence of social media and how it can seamlessly integrate into their current business, they are blown away at the basic tools and steps needed to send them into the next level. I love seeing agents utilize Instagram to become a valuable asset to their clients using our resources and plan as part of the Real Estate Champagne Selfies club.”

Real estate agents are faced with more challenges and obstacles than ever before as technology evolves rapidly around them. They wear so many hats as they handle marketing, management, hiring, scheduling, prospecting, organization, accounting, video, analytics and more. They are carrying these responsibilities while appeasing clients and vendors — doing it all with a smile 24/7. How does one find time to even think about Instagram and what they need to do there? Real Estate Champagne Selfies was created to fill the need of that community and empower real estate agents worldwide to propel their business and their lives to the next level.

This club is not for everyone, leveling up one’s life takes commitment and invites change. Real Estate Champagne Selfies is here to provide that supportive community as their members work together toward rapid Instagram success.

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About Real Estate Champagne Selfies

Real Estate Champagne Selfies is a monthly subscription service that will provide real estate agents with a step-by-step road map to increase their Instagram following and level up their business to stay in front of clients, gain repeat clients, showcase their skills and listings and attract new business.

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