Sun Solar Life Launched by Alaskan Couple

August 13 23:33 2021
A Veteran teacher, Ice Road Trucker from Alaska Launched Solar Brokerage.

“When you have the passion to help change the world, it starts with one small step,” Deerdrei “Dee” Vu, a veteran public school teacher mentioned as she was interviewed by a local newspaper in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dee Vu is the co-founder of Sun Solar Life, a budding solar brokerage that helps homeowners connect with the right installers and the best solar products that suit the homeowners’ needs. Together with her husband, Scott Armstrong, they’ve built a team of solar advisors who help in the mission of fighting the monopoly of the power companies and switch to renewable energy.

The couple moved from Alaska and relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. Scott was a truck driver and had driven the treacherous roads in rural Alaska. In 2019, Dee was offered a teaching position in Clark County School District which bridged their transition from the coldest state to one of the hottest states in the USA.

“As soon as I saw my first summer bill, I knew I had to go solar. I’ve known about solar for a while but I always thought I could not afford it. I live off of a teacher salary,” Dee claimed during her interview. “When the advisor showed me how easy it was to go solar and how affordable it is, I did not have second thoughts. I went solar and I was very impressed that I asked my solar advisor if they were hiring coz my husband needed a job,” Dee added.

That was the beginning of their involvement with solar. They saw the savings, they understood the process, they monitored their own system. Now, their mission is to help as many homeowners go solar and enjoy the same benefits they reap from going green.

“It was not an easy transition from Alaska to Las Vegas. I had to knock hundreds of doors in extreme heat to help get the information out there that solar is beneficial,” Scott mentioned as he recalled his first months selling solar. “I had a mission and I had to do it. I want to help as many homeowners as I can, go solar and slash their electric bills. Not only that but when they go solar, they are protected from rising energy costs,” he added.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, knocking doors did not have a good reception from homeowners who do not want anyone around their property. Dee and Scott resorted to online marketing and found out better ways to reach more people. With that newfound knowledge, Dee resigned from her position at CCSD and helped Scott build Sun Solar Life.

Sun Solar Life sells solar in 42 states and is partnered with very reputable installers.

“Coming from such a beautiful state like Alaska, our ultimate goal is to clean up our planet one rooftop at a time. We can only do so much but we would love to contribute towards having a better planet for our kids to enjoy,” Dee reiterated her mission as we were ending the interview.

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