Amazon Sellers Express Delight at “Amz Automation”, An Automated Solution For Amazon Business

August 06 20:26 2021
Amazon Sellers Express Delight at "Amz Automation", An Automated Solution For Amazon Business

THAT Lifestyle Ninja CEO, Kevin David and his partner, David Arnett have launched Amz Automation, an Amazon Automation service for Amazon sellers who want to build hands-free Amazon businesses.

Amz Automation is an Amazon Automation service that handles the core processes of running and scaling an Amazon business, on behalf of Amazon sellers.

Sellers who use Amz Automation now have a ‘virtual assistant’ who helps them carry out the necessary tasks for selling on Amazon and building a successful business.

These tasks often include Product research, Keyword research, listing optimization, and a rat race to find authentic and affordable suppliers. Amazon sellers usually have to juggle the demands of these tasks with their other priorities, in which case, the businesses often suffer.

Amz Automation takes care of the product research, keyword research, and listing optimization processes, as well as the process of finding genuine product suppliers. Behind the Amz Automation service is a team of Amazon experts who have successfully built and scaled multiple 8-figure Amazon businesses from scratch.

Starting and building a successful Amazon business often depends on sellers’ ability to find profitable products, research relevant keywords, and optimize their listings. However, this is no walk-in-the-park for sellers who intend to learn on the job or have no prior experience selling on Amazon.

The Amz Automation service is the solution newbies and existing Amazon sellers have been waiting for.  Finally, an Amazon automation service that actually has real humans behind it – guesswork canceled.

Amazon sellers who have other priorities outside their Amazon business can now tend to them without worrying about how the business will function.

Aside from the fact that the Amz Automation service gives Amazon sellers more time to tend to other commitments, it is also straightforward access to guidance and mentorship from renowned Amazon experts.

Amazon sellers are more elated because the Amz Automation service works with a one size fits all approach, the service is open to all Amazon sellers regardless of experience, gender, race, or nationality.

Kevin David is known for sharing his journey as a beginner on Amazon, in his words, “Most of the mistakes I made could have been avoided with expert assistance, this is why I share my knowledge with other entrepreneurs”.

Kevin David’s Amz Automation is the solution Amazon sellers have been waiting for, a soft landing for beginners who want to build successful businesses and minimize mistakes.

With the launch of Amz Automation, Amazon businesses will definitely take a new turn.

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