Fast Track to 10k Wholesaling & Mindset Program Emerging as the Ultimate Action-Oriented Wholesaling Course for Beginners to Close their First Deal

August 06 22:21 2021
Fast Track to 10k Wholesaling & Mindset Program Emerging as the Ultimate Action-Oriented Wholesaling Course for Beginners to Close their First Deal

August 6, 2021 – American Real Estate Investor and Coach, Jennifer West-Granahan has proudly announced that she will be launching her next mindset training program on September 22nd, 2021. This inspiring new mindset training program is titled ‘The Fast Track to 10k Wholesaling and Mindset Program’ and the training program will be online this year. Moreover, registration is now open online and participants from all across the United States are being welcomed to join the life-changing training on wholesaling and mindset by Jennifer West-Granahan. Jennifer West-Granahan is an industry expert in teaching and practicing the effective real estate strategy of wholesaling and her training programs are aimed at empowering aspiring investors.

“Most people are fearful to take a chance on themselves, but my program helps them overcome those fears and it also allows them to propel against those fears instead of paralyzing on them.” Said Jennifer West-Granahan, while talking about her Fast Track to 10k, wholesaling real estate course. “With Fast Track to 10k, my goal is to empower people with the knowledge that they are co-creators  of their lives and how to manipulate energy to attract their desires.” She added. According to Jennifer, the programs are aimed at empowering the next generation of real estate experts and help them achieve their career goals in as little time as possible through these strategies.

Wholesaling is basically a real estate strategy in which, one can contract a property that needs work from a motivated seller and sell the contract to an investor for a fee. The training program offered by Jennifer is truly action-oriented and it incorporates mindset along with the law of attraction. Moreover, Jennifer also teaches her students that everything is energy and once they are aligned with what they want, then they can attract it with ease and grace. Furthermore, the Fast Track to 10k Wholesaling and Mindset Program is designed to lay the foundation for beginner wholesalers, and it would assist them in closing their first deal fast.

“I helped a student close her first deal, where she and her partner made 60k on their first deal.” Said Jennifer, while talking about one of her recent students. “The typical fee is 10-20k depending on your market, but wholesaling is a great way to raise capital to assist in buying rentals, where true generational wealth is made.” She added. Jennifer has received some amazing reviews and testimonials for her program, and her students have shared the details of their experiences and how this program helped them in great detail. In their testimonials, her students have particularly admired her for her resilience, passion, dedication, and leading by example.

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