New Book by Author Janice V. Bailey – A Book That Builds a Great Union with God

August 06 19:48 2021

Janice V. Bailey‘s Common Thoughts For An Uncommon Feast is an intriguing work which focuses on the transformative power of the act of Communion. This century’s old ritual has been said to be many things by many people, but until now the deep personal connection it makes with one’s faith has not been fully addressed. Here the author shares her thoughts and feelings on what it all means and discusses how the work came together.

“My idea was to really get to the heart of the issue and the core of the matter by thinking about faith on my own terms. As someone who has read and studied widely, I came to realize that internal self reflection is what would really set my understanding of the Communion apart. I thought deeply about it, observed the reactions of others, and read as widely as possible. I hope that through these efforts I’ve been able to draw some new insights from the pool and show everyone a new way of looking at this covenant between themselves and God.”

This is certainly a noteworthy goal, but what was the inspiration that kept her going?

“Writing has always been a tool I’ve used to help clarify and crystalize my own understanding, and I truly hope that this is what shines through in my work. By taking the time to find the right wording and turn of phrase to put thoughts, hopes, and dreams down on paper, I really believe that I’ve arrived at a new level of understanding. This is something that I’ve been striving many years for, which actually made it easy to stay inspired and motivated when the answers appeared to be evading me. By really focusing on the end goal of moving closing to God by understanding the covenant with him, I was able to address the subtle things that you have to really understand when you’re trying to move such a complex topic forwards.”

And what are her hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the coming 12 months?

“I want to continue to enjoy the privilege of sharing my thoughts and ideas with people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world. The reason I feel this way is that although I have reached the end of this book, I known that my understanding and love of God is something that will continue to evolve with every passing day. If my efforts in this regard, and with this book in particular, are able to make just one more person out there feel the same then I will know it was all time well spent.”

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