Revopoint POP 3D Scanner vs. Creality CR-Scan 01

August 06 11:22 2021

For a long time, 3D scanner technology has been used in the industry. Many good consumer-level 3D printer manufacturers have emerged in recent years, but unlike 3D printing, the development of consumer-grade 3D scanners is still in its early stage. In December 2020, Revopoint POP, a scanner with industrial-grade performance but a consumer-grade price, set a record high crowdfunding of 6,400 units on Kickstarter. Following that, the 3D printer manufacturer released a consumer-level 3D scanner, the Creality CR-Scan 01. Many 3D printing users have been curious about the differences between the two products.

There are testing reviews of the POP 3D scanner versus the Creality CR-Scan 01 in various areas.

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1. Design

Products Appearance Figures

Specification Form




Connecting Cables







CR-Scan 01

300×185×90 (mm)




According to the data above, there is a difference in size and weight: CR 01 is larger and five times heavier than POP.

POP has a single connection cable that handles both data transmission and power supply. The CR- Scan 01 comes with two cables: one for data transmission, the other for power supply, all of which are 2 meters long. That means the power supply cable restricts CR- Scan 01’s movement range around a power socket. The Revopoint POP can be scanned both indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, POP allows for wireless transmission; scanning can be done via phone, which is more convenient.

In terms of hardware, the Revopoint POP is more portable, lighter in weight, has a single cable connection, and supports Multi-Operate Systems. Creality appears to be more of an industrial 3D scanner, with a 1 kg weight and complicated cables.

2. Procedure for Operation and User-Friendliness

A volunteer is to test CR-Scan 01 and POP to see which scanner is easier to get started with.

And the following teats are the user-friendly comparison processes presented by a 3d scanning beginner John. John presented the scanning process and the result of a sculpture at the end of testing.

1) Scan with POP

After watching the operation video, John started to scan the sculpture immediately.

With one cable, John connected the POP to office laptop smoothly. And with 10 minutes, John completed the scanning and exported a 3d model successfully.

2) Scan with CR-Scan 01

When it comes to scanning with CR-Scan 01, things weren’t going well as expected. For software installation, it took John about 2 hours to install and uninstall before it could open normally. And John has suffered computer change from office laptop – design laptop – game laptop due to no specific CR-Scan 01 requirements for the computer configuration. After working 5 hours, John exported a 3d model from CR Studio.

That’s the thing that John doesn’t want to go through again. And John will not recommend friends to use CR-Scan 01 when theirs computer configuration is not high enough. That’s important to CR-Scan 01.

After the above scanning experience, John, a 3d scanning beginner, exported two 3d models: with POP in 10 minutes; while with CR-Scan 01 in about 5 hours. And It’s clear that which scanner is much easier to get started with. The following are the 3d models scanned by John.

3. Application Scenario

1)Scanning on a Turntable

Work Distance Comparison

Both POP and CR- Scan 01 supports scanning objects on a turntable. However, there is a difference in the space needed. During scanning, the CR- Scan 01 required a work distance of above 90cm to present the David sculpture in the center of its camera frame; while for POP, it was 41cm to scan at an Excellent distance, meaning a big desk would be helpful if you are going to scan with CR-Scan 01.

2)Outdoor scanning

In terms of outdoor scanning, Revopoint has a significant advantage for only one cable needed. And its wireless transmission allows POP to scan everywhere. When it comes to CR- Scan 01, the power line determines that the application of CR- Scan 01 is around a power socket.

Outdoor Wirelessly Scanning by Revopoint POP (IMAGE from

3)Body scanning

Both devices are tested and certified to support body scans. However, when scanning the black hair area, there is a subtle difference. POP was designed with a Body Mode, and when scanning a human, I selected Body Mode to capture the point cloud data, even the black hairs. While scanning with CR-Scan 01, all black hair details were lost. Refer to the scanning models:

Body Models Comparison

When it comes to face scanning, the light matters. POP adopts infrared light, better for the eyes, which means that when scanning a human face or body, the man can keep his eyes open without any uncomfortable feeling. While CR- Scan 01 applies white light, flickering during scanning, which results in discomfort of eyes to force the man to close his eyes.

Body Scan Comparison


Revopoint POP

Creality CR- Scan 01

Body Scan

Hair scanning


Eyes Open


4. System supported and Hardware

There are also some comparisons on the systems supported and hardware aspects of the two scanners. Details are shown in the following forms:

Operation System Supported Comparison


Revopoint POP

Creality CR- Scan 01











Comparison of Hardware Requirements for Windows


Revopoint POP

Creality CR- Scan 01


i5 and above



4G and above

8G and above

Graphics Card

Integrated Graphics

Discrete Graphics of 2G above;

The CR-Scan 01 merely supports Windows and requires a professional-grade computer that means on a business laptop, CR-Scan 01 has no way to work, and only a game laptop can contribute to its smooth running; while POP is adapted to various systems, and an office laptop could make it runs smoothly.

5. Scanning Parameters

A brief comparison of their main scanning parameters is shown in the table below for users to understand the two scanners better.


POP Parameter

Testing Result

CR Scan 01

Testing Result



To be Reached


To be Exaggerated

Frame Rate





Business Laptop


Business Laptop


Design Laptop


Design Laptop


Game Laptop


Game Laptop

10 FPS








Core Parameters Difference Testing 

1) Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the essential parameters of a 3d scanner for scanning accuracy is directly related to the quality of 3D printing. And both Revopoint and Creality’s official websites showed that POP’s accuracy is 0.3 mm and CR- Scan 01 to be 0.1mm. What’s the actual accuracy? There is a sample scanned sculpture to show a comparison:

Agrippa Sculpture 3d Models Comparison

For this Agrippa sculpture, the details focus on the face and head. CR-Scan 01 captured a silhouette, no hair texture and layering presented in the 3d model; while POP got much more feature data at hairs and eyes areas, realistically reflecting the size and shape of the original object. It looks like the POP 0.3 mm thoroughly defeating the CR-Scan 01 0.1 mm.

2) Frame rate

As for frame rate, the two scanners also have some differences: 8fps and 10fps. The test is conducted by scanning four various computers and obtaining approximate values to test the actual frames. During the test, POP reached 8fps on each computer, and as for the CR- Scan 01, it failed on the business laptop, with 0 frames; on the design laptop, it ran 7fps; and on the game laptop, it ran 10fps. It meant that POP could reach 8pfs on each laptop like office laptop and above; while CR- Scan 01 had a high requirement on the configuration of a computer and only the laptop compared to the game laptop could the scanner achieve 10fps.

3) Color

Color is also the parameter that most people will be curious about when related to 3d scanning. There is a color comparison of both Creality and Revopoint. The results are shown as following:

Human 3d Models Comparison

It’s obvious that when scanning, the exposure value of POP was adjusted pretty high, being overexposed, and the T-shirt were textured with defects in neckline and face areas. While CR-Scan 01 did a great job in color, showing a more clear and better texture function.

6. Conclusion 

According to the above tests and comparisons, the actual values of Creality CR- Scan 01 are exaggerated in terms of accuracy and frame rate. With high-configuration computers, the scanning frame rate could reach 10 FPS, and the scanner undeniably does a great job at its color performance. However, it is best to double-check your computer to ensure that it meets the requirements of CR- Scan 01. Furthermore, due to its large volume and weight, the CR- Scan 01 necessitates a large workbench to support its longer work distance.

On the contrary, Revopoint POP meets its official indicators, and the values measured during actual scanning are slightly higher than the official ones. It demonstrates, for example, that a labeling accuracy value of 0.3mm from POP has a better scanning effect than a value of 0.1mm from Creality CR- Scan 01.

Its small size makes it portable. Furthermore, multi-platform support and indoor-and-outdoor scanning determine the significant advantage of using. Furthermore, there is no unpleasant sensation when scanning humans with infrared light. Also, one thing shall keep in mind is that its performance does not improve noticeably in a professional-grade PC for POP has no additional configuration requirements.

The 3D scanner industry is still in its early stages and nearing a technological tipping point. We are all aware that the popularisation of professional products necessitates an affordable price, lowers the use threshold, and broadens the use scenarios. The emergence of Revopoint POP exemplifies this trend.

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