Diverter Valve with Energy Products Company Facilitates Fast Cycling with Electric Motors or Hydraulic Actuators at Low Costs

August 05 07:18 2021
For nearly 50 years, Energy Products Company has supplied industries with diverter valves, ball valves, block and bleed valves, and gate valves. Its stock of General Four-Way diverter valves is available in ranges 3″ – 16″, ANSI 150# – 600#.

According to announcements released by Energy Products Company, the diverter valve by Cameron stocked by this distributor offers four-way twin sealing. It is designed to ensure frictionless running, a longer life, and low operational costs.

The four-way diverter valve utilizes the dependable pressure gauge technique to check the seal’s integrity to ensure accurate metering. Even in low differential operating conditions, the gauge indicates the condition of the seal every time the valve is seated. The gauge is connected to the body cavity located between the valve and the slips. The expansion of the slips in the diverted position results in the fluid trapping between the seals and valve body. Upon further expansion of the slips, the volumetric space between the slips increases and causes a drop in pressure because the amount of fluid does not increase.

The four-way diverter valve is also available with hydraulically powered gear operators. The gear operators are designed to minimize installation costs and maintenance expenses. The ruggedly engineered module that contains the actuating parts is also explosion-proof and can work in uncompromising conditions.

The system works quietly and can touch speeds of up to 900 rpm. Electric or air-driven power supplies can power the hydraulic actuator. The power supplies are assembled using standard components and can work under diverse conditions dependably and cost-effectively.

Interchangeable cartridge-type components are used to construct the power supply unit. Safety, ease of maintenance, and a reduction in the number of exposed piping joints are noteworthy attributes of the power supply unit.

For more information, go to https://www.energyproducts.us/4-way-twin-seal-valve/

As stated by Energy Products Company, Cameron’s General Four-Way diverter valve does not rely upon on-line pressure or external hydraulic pressure for positive sealing. The seating elements, or slips, move perpendicularly against the face of the ports. The seals themselves are highly resilient elastomers that are either bonded or mechanically retained in the slips. Retraction of the slips away from the body before cycling prevents friction and abrasion, damaging seals. There is never any sliding or rubbing of the seals against the valve body or ports. Metal-to-metal secondary seating prevents over-compression of the resilient primary seal. Mechanical retraction and compression ensure no-leak stream separation and longer life.

Fast and easy operation by hand or automatically with electric motors or hydraulic actuators is possible. Lower cycling torque permits the use of smaller and less expensive power actuators. The standard gear-operated four-way diverter valve is not self-locking; therefore, it is recommended that all manually operated four-way diverter valves be equipped with a latching device to maintain seating position when the valve is unattended. In-line maintenance cuts operating and downtime costs. Because the seating segments are mounted via dovetailed connections to the plug, they can be removed from the top or the bottom and examined without taking the valve from the line or disturbing the actuator. This added flexibility allows the valve to be installed upside-down for easy access to actuator and slips.

About the Company:

Energy Products Company, established in 1973, is one of the largest distributors of different types of valves that find use across industries in diverse conditions. It specializes in liquid pipeline operations and natural gas pipeline operations.

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