Multi-Millionaire CEO Launches Exclusive Guidance and Mentorship Program for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

August 05 05:54 2021
Internet Profits Partners CEO Dean Holland launches an affiliate program to help business owners and entrepreneurs solve problems of their online business.

Internet Profits Partners or IPP, an affiliate program for individuals who wish to achieve success in their business endeavors, is now available for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and scale their online business.

According to the IPP CEO Dean Holland, the primary objective of the program is to guide and mentor entrepreneurs in building their business and making it more profitable. It was also built to provide guidance and mentorship.

However, unlike other programs, IPP is different because of its high standards for accepting members.

Information gathered from the IPP website states that business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in joining the program will be required to undergo a strict assessment to ensure that the potential member meets the highest qualifications set by the program.

This assessment will be conducted through a phone call conversation, booked at the business owner’s most convenient time.

While the guidelines are quite strict, business owners and entrepreneurs who will prove to be qualified for the program are entitled to invaluable benefits such as top-level business growth and scaling tips as well as strategic ways to reach a business goal.

IPP is potentially a necessary tool for growth, especially for those who are just starting their business. To maximize the benefits of the program, business owners and entrepreneurs are required to spend at least a couple of hours a day applying the resources and knowledge they will gain.

The resources provided by the program can be useful to business owners and entrepreneurs at many different levels; it can help solve various technical issues and even lead generation concerns.

Qualified members will receive a physical book called the “Iceberg Effect.” This book aims to help affiliate marketers achieve their business goals. It guides newbies so they’ll have a clear path in navigating the subject matter. The book also teaches them to have a positive mindset and provides a clear step-by-step outline of affiliate marketing in today’s setting.

Aside from the book, a private partners’ Facebook group was also created to offer assistance to the members when it comes to technical or traffic generation concerns.

Dean, who is now a multi-millionaire, shares that he started his business online without making a single penny for four years. He established his company to help people get the same results he achieved.

For those who are interested in Dean’s journey and what his affiliate program can offer, visit

About the IPP

The IPP is a program that tackles everything entrepreneurs and business owners need to have a successful online business without having to create all their own products, marketing systems, and sales processes. The program comes with resources, guides, and a physical book to help guide individuals who are just starting their online business. Training, access to a private Facebook group, and a personalized roadmap will also be provided to qualified members.

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